6 Ways to Protect Your Customers From Competitors

How often do you pick up the telephone and contact your present customers? Almost absolutely now not as regularly as you must. Yes, it takes time faraway from different sales activities, however think about the 5 minutes you spend speakme to your best client as “consumer insurance.”

As a rule, the greater vital your consumer is, the extra frequent your check-ins ought to be, however do not neglect any of your clients. You're also not simply restricted to the use of the smartphone; e mail or even snail mail can be awesome ways to maintain touch.

Add Value

When you call up those clients, do not just say "hello." Always try and find a way to offer some thing of fee. It could be a reality you have uncovered that's applicable for your consumer's business. It can be a news article that is seemed these days that someway relates in your client or a suggestion you've got come up with on a way to maximize the go back they'd get the use of the product they have got already offered from you.

If a patron begins taking into consideration you as a precious resource over and above what your product does, they're a long way much less possibly to drop you for a competitor.

Build Intelligence

Ask your clients to will let you know once they've been approached with the aid of a competitor. If you have an excellent dating with the patron, you may simply request it as a desire.

For new or very foremost clients, consider imparting some form of bonus, like a discount on their next buy or a freemium of a few type.

Once your clients are in the habit of telling you approximately any poaching tries, not simplest will you have a much higher hazard to salvage the connection, but you'll have an wonderful possibility to spy to your competitors' techniques.

Become a Resource

The extra you understand approximately your product and the associated enterprise or industries, the greater precious you may be on your clients. Encourage them to ask you questions, and in case you don't know the solution, discover.

This will make your relationship with them a good deal stickier due to the fact even supposing they may be tempted to ditch your product, they may hesitate to lose you as a source of statistics.

Build up your knowledge base by using analyzing enterprise-related books and magazines and via mining records from coworkers in customer service departments.


If a specific competitor has been drawing near or stealing your customers, it is time to turn the tables. Go after that competitor's customers, and you are likely to distract him from poaching and flip them instead to guarding their very own debts.

Once you've constructed an intelligence community along with your very own clients, you may be capable of release attacks on competition at the first signal of poaching so you can forestall them earlier than they in reality get started out.

Prepare for Price Wars

When a competitor receives critical approximately building new enterprise, they will frequently start through losing costs to ridiculously low ranges. Be equipped to reply to such undercutting as fast as you may.

Providing more price will assist you to put the groundwork and as a minimum get your clients to think two times earlier than they jump ship.

When the inevitable occurs and a consumer calls to say that Company X is imparting them a first rate charge, you need to have a list of motives available why your product is ​nonetheless a better deal.