Reference Request Email Message Example

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At a few factor within the task interview process, an agency will likely ask you for references. References are vital because they help to offer a capability business enterprise a image of what form of employee you will be.

Your success and capacity to electrify your colleagues within the beyond is a great indicator of your destiny overall performance, and hiring managers will very probably contact your references for their insights.

Who you ask, and how, will assist ensure which you get sturdy, supportive references. Here’s an instance of an email reference request message, in addition to some guidelines on who to ask for a reference, and a way to request a reference for employment.

Who to Ask for a Reference

Think cautiously approximately who you ask for a reference. You need to make sure it is a person you realize, and who can talk on your talents as an worker.

While former supervisors and employers regularly make the most compelling references, from time to time deciding on a distinctive form of reference can be a smart desire for the job you’re seeking to get.

Even though task seekers usually pick out former managers as references, you would possibly also recollect a character or personal reference. Business pals, professors, clients, or companies could make extremely good references as well.

Peers, customers, and co-workers can also make desirable references, as they could offer first-hand statistics about working with you everyday. If your dating together with your manager become questionable, however your peers cherished operating with you, it makes experience to pick out one in every of them as a reference.

If you’re looking for your first job, or are changing careers, you might recollect using a character or private reference as an alternative to employment reference letters.

While you ought to use professional references when you can as well, an instructional reference man or woman reference written via a professor or a mentor from your target subject can offer help and proof of your newly received qualifications.

How to Write an Email Message Requesting a Reference

Phrase your request nicely: It's crucial to make certain your references will say advantageous things approximately you. Therefore, while inquiring for a reference, don’t absolutely say, “Can you be a reference for me?” Anyone can do that. Rather, ask whether or now not the character feels comfortable imparting you with a proper reference.

Offer materials: Offer to offer the character with an up to date resume and an outline of your competencies and reports. You want to ensure the reference has your maximum recent employment facts. It can be less complicated on your reference issuer to write a robust reference if you deliver them supporting substances. If you're applying for a particular posting, also supply the person a duplicate of the task statement. This will enable them to cognizance in your most applicable credentials for the position.

Use a clean challenge line: In an e-mail message requesting a reference, your problem line should be informative and easy. Typically, which include your call and a word like “Reference Request” is first-rate.

When the reader can inform from the problem line what is being requested, they're more likely to read and reply to the request.

Include your touch statistics: Include your electronic mail address and call range for your message, so it is clean for the character to reply and to observe up, in the event that they have questions.

Remember to mention thanks: Conclude your request with the aid of thanking the reference issuer for their consideration. Don’t overlook to comply with up with a thank-you message once you get the reference as nicely.

Example Email Message Asking for a Reference

Note that this e mail message asks for a reference letter, explains why you need one, gives to provide documentation, and consists of touch records, so it is easy for the reference writer to respond.

Email Message Asking for a Reference

Subject Line: Reference Request - Janet Dickinson

Dear Mr. Jameson,

I desire you're well, and that every one is jogging easily at ABC Company. I leave out every person in the advertising and marketing division!

I am writing to ask if you'll sense comfortable supplying a effective letter of reference for me? If you can attest to my qualifications for employment, and to the skills I attained at the same time as I changed into employed at ABC Company, I could sincerely appreciate it.

I am in the procedure of in search of a new role as a advertising and marketing manager. I look ahead to continuing the paintings I have executed in advertising at the same time as growing my responsibilities in a managerial capability. A high-quality reference from you will substantially enhance my task search potentialities.

Please allow me recognize if you have any questions, or if there is any data I can provide regarding my revel in to help you in giving me a reference. I even have attached an up to date resume. Don’t hesitate to ask for another materials you think might be beneficial.

I can be reached at or (111) 111-1234.

Thank you on your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Jane Dickinson