Resignation Letter Templates

Young woman writing a resignation letter on a laptop.

Are you geared up to let your boss understand you are resigning? It’s nice to put together a formal resignation letter, even if you plan to speak about your selection in man or woman as nicely.

A written resignation letter helps you to spell out the terms of your departure in writing, so that there’s no confusion. It’s also an opportunity to thank your boss for the opportunity and to establish a positive closing impact. You in no way recognise whilst you would possibly want your former supervisor as a reference for a destiny process.

Not sure what to put in writing? Here's a resignation letter template that offers all the information you want to encompass, in addition to hints on a way to write a letter that will help you go away on an awesome be aware.

What to Include in Your Letter

Your letter have to be brief, factual, and gracious. There’s no want to write a protracted word or to discuss the information of your choice at period.

Focus on the Details

Specify the date you will be leaving employment. Give the precise word, which in most cases can be as a minimum  weeks.

Although it’s first-rate to provide two weeks’ be aware, you should prepare for the opportunity that your boss will ask you to leave at the day you renounce. Since maximum U.S. people are employed at will, it’s typically prison for employers to “fireplace” you whilst you deliver observe.

Provide a Reason if You Wish

It’s absolutely non-obligatory, but you may pick to percentage the motive which you’re quitting—supplied that you can achieve this in a positive fashion. For example, in case you’re beginning a brand new job or going lower back to highschool, you may say so briefly on your letter. 

Offer to Help With the Transition

If viable, offer to help educate your substitute or file your responsibilities so that a brand new lease can step into your position.

Say Thank You

Even if you could’t wait to depart, try and discover some thing to be grateful for, and proportion your gratitude with your boss. It will help smooth your departure.

Keep It Positive

This letter becomes part of your permanent employment record so don’t mention something negative. A graceful resignation letter would not burn bridges and boosts your possibilities of receiving a advice from the organization.

Resignation Letter Template to Download

This is a resignation letter example. Download the resignation letter template (well suited with Google Docs and Word Online) or see below for extra examples.

Screenshot of a resignation letter template

Resignation Letter Sample (Text Version)

Kelly Rodriguez
123 Main Street
Anytown, CA 12345

September 1, 2022

James Chang
Director, Human Resources
Acme Software
123 Business Rd.
Business City, NY 54321

Dear Mr. Chang,

I am writing to tell you of my resignation from my role as an advertising and marketing coordinator, powerful October 1, 2022. I appreciate all of the possibilities you’ve given me throughout my time at Acme Software, and the support I’ve received from the relaxation of the team. 

If I can be of any assistance during the transition, please don’t hesitate to invite. I’m always available for questions if want be.


Handwritten Signature (for a difficult copy letter) 

Kelly Rodriguez

Email Resignation Message Sample

Subject: Caitlin Lee - Resignation

Dear Ms. Singh,

I am writing nowadays to submit my resignation from the night the front desk receptionist role, powerful March 1, 2022. Thank you so much to your mentorship and assist at some point of my time on the corporation.

I’ve found out loads approximately the agency and a way to paintings with customers and the overall public. It’s been a delight working with you and the relaxation of the executive workforce.

I actually have generic a similar role with some other organization in order that I can paintings daylight hours hours. If it might be beneficial, I am happy to assist with the transition and educate a alternative receptionist through my very last day. If you have got any questions, please permit me realize.


Caitlin Lee

Sending Your Resignation via Email

While it's usually great to surrender in man or woman, every so often instances necessitate resigning by way of e-mail. Perhaps you have got a family scenario that requires your instant interest. Or, maybe you’re absolutely faraway and rarely speak along with your supervisor face-to-face. Whatever the motive, there’s a proper manner to give up through e mail:

  • Provide all the usual information, such as your last date of work and your thank you for the opportunity.
  • A quick motive in your departure. (“Personal motives” is OK if you do not desire to get into info.)
  • Contact facts in case they want to get in touch with you.

Be positive to proofread and test your electronic mail earlier than you send it.

Microsoft Word Resignation Letter Templates

Microsoft resignation letter templates are available as a free download for Microsoft Word customers. These consist of numerous one-of-a-kind resignation letters and are reachable from the templates phase of Microsoft Word.

To get entry to those templates out of your computer, open the Microsoft Word report and select "New". You could be able to seek on-line templates from that display by using typing “resignation” within the search field.