How to Ask for a Raise through Email


Are you hoping to get a raise, but realizing that it’s probable now not going to manifest with out a few action for your component? When you need to deliver up the difficulty, however you’re not certain how to start, sending an e mail message to your supervisor may be a way to avoid a probable awkward in-person communique.

When to Ask for a Raise thru Email

Especially when you're operating remotely, an electronic mail can be the perfect manner to ask for extra money. Your manager can have time to recollect the exceptional response.

By not asking directly, you won't put your manager instantaneous, and it will likely be easier to provide an explanation for your rationale for a improve.

What Your Employer Needs to Decide

The selection to grant a income growth isn't one that most managers make lightly. They need time to don't forget your request, to evaluate your development to your career music, and to analyze the contributions you have made to the corporation. They may additionally need to review departmental price range to look whether or not their finances can accommodate a improve.

Finally, they need to recall the underlying message they would be sending to you—and in your friends—have to they furnish your request. Raises aren't simply about cash—they are psychological confirmation that an company values an employee and wants to keep them. So, senior control will should determine whether you are really worth this dedication, based totally in your work records and pattern of contributions.

They additionally have to assume whether their choice to award you a increase will result in mass requests by means of different employees for wage will increase. If compelled to deny raises to different personnel, will they then ought to address morale issues?

An e-mail request for a assembly to discuss your repayment is a smart way to offer your manager time to take into account your request, take a look at with human assets or control, if essential, and determine if it’s feasible to present you a pay increase.

What to Write in a Salary Increase Email Message

Your message need to encompass:

  • A request for a meeting to talk about your reimbursement (inside the problem line of the message)
  • Why you deserve a income growth
  • What extra responsibilities you've got taken on for your role
  • Any talents or certifications you've got acquired on the grounds that being employed

It’s also an amazing idea to consist of facts on how a lot you revel in your activity and running on the corporation. You don’t want to encounter as a disgruntled employee who isn’t paid enough.

Also, don't simply ask for more money. It's a better approach to ask for an possibility to talk about a improve, rather than to really ask for a larger paycheck.

When writing the message, don't presume your manager is aware of the whole thing you've got been working on.

People get busy and are not always aware about how a great deal work their employees have taken on. It's first-class to mention what you have got been coping with and how your function has modified because you began the process.

Write a proper message in a trendy business-letter format. Keep it professional even in case you are on pleasant terms with your boss. Your email may be forwarded to others on the business enterprise to study.

The e mail message format must include:

Need a refresher on a way to format an e-mail message for expert correspondence? This primer includes all the facts you may’ve forgotten, inclusive of appropriate fonts, concern lines, and signatures.

Email Message Asking for a Raise Example

Here is an example of an e mail message asking for a assembly with a supervisor to speak about a revenue boom.

Subject: Meeting Request - Your Name

Dear Mr. Matthews,

I am thankful for the possibility to work for you as Development Coordinator for XYZ Nonprofit. Over the beyond years, my obligations at XYZ have grown significantly, and I not simplest always entire all of these obligations, but I achieve this with an incredible great of labor. I would, therefore, like to respectfully request a meeting to study my profits.

As , my earnings has remained the same given that I turned into hired in 20XX. Since then, I actually have happily brought a few responsibilities to my workload that have allowed me to contribute even extra to the corporation. For instance, I volunteered to broaden a quarterly newsletter, and am presently in price of the writing, formatting, and printing of the guide. As , I additionally recently finished a graduate certificate program in furnish writing.

I agree with that my growing contributions to the organisation and my new qualifications justify a pay boost.

I would like the opportunity to fulfill with you to talk about a enhance in my salary. I sit up for listening to from you.


Firstname Lastname
Development Coordinator
XYZ Nonprofit
123 East Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Key Takeaways

An Email Message Can Be an Effective Way to Ask for a Raise: It permits your supervisor to do not forget your request without setting them on the spot.

Take Care When Composing Your Request: Use commercial enterprise-letter layout and ensure your message is ready to be visible through higher-ups.

Don’t Just Ask for More Money: Request an opportunity to discuss your idea in man or woman.

Make Your Case: List ways in that you have handed expectations. Include any skills or certifications you’ve brought that make you extra treasured to the crew.