Sample Letter Requesting a Pay Raise

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Nervous about inquiring for a pay raise? Putting your request in writing might make it simpler. A written request gives you a threat to pitch the reasons why you’re really worth more than what you’re currently getting paid, with out stammering over your desire of phrases.

Is It Really OK to Negotiate Salary by Email or Letter?

Some career experts will inform you that in-man or woman is the simplest way to move on the subject of negotiating a pay raise. That’s not always the case.

Many (if not most) people are uncomfortable speakme about salary. This is actual for both the human beings in fee of giving out raises and the humans hoping to receive them. In reality, records accumulated for PayScale’s Salary Negotiation Guide confirmed that simplest 43 percent of respondents had ever negotiated income of their current field. Twenty-8 percent of individuals who didn’t ask for a enhance listed soreness speaking about earnings as their purpose for containing again.

Making the request in writing allows ease any soreness you or your boss may sense. It gives your manager a hazard to keep in mind your request earlier than she or he responds.

Sending a written request avoids placing your manager on the spot, and it can pave the way for a discussion approximately your wages and a capacity growth.

It also gives you the risk to do your homework and make your request as easily as possible.

No want to worry about forgetting what you need to say or stumbling over the words whilst you may write all of it down.

In addition, your letter offers formal documentation of your request for a pay boom. It’s usually nice to have a paper trail for crucial commercial enterprise communications. Unlike a verbal verbal exchange, a letter asking for a pay boost files precisely what you’ve requested and the way you’ve asked it.

What to Include in Your Letter or Email Message

Before you even begin writing your letter, make certain that your income request is cheap. Conduct salary studies to determine the best range on your role, enjoy, and accomplishments. Remember that the purpose is to expose which you deserve a improve – which you’ve earned it and that it’s in line with the marketplace in your skills, experience, and activity name.

Once you’ve decided the correct range, it’s time to construct your case.

It’s critical to be specific while you’re requesting a revenue growth. Quantify your accomplishments and achievements every time possible.

Don’t count on your manager to know the whole thing you’ve completed on the activity. (In reality, as an ongoing practice, it’s a terrific idea to get inside the habit of writing down the whole thing you accomplish on a every day or weekly foundation, so you can discuss with your achievements at evaluate time or while you’re inquiring for a increase.)

Take the time to spell it out for them that will truely see why you could warrant a boost. This also provides assist in your request in case your supervisor needs to get approval from their boss or from the human resources department. The more strong facts you could offer, the more likely you are to get the increase you’re inquiring for.

Sample Letter Requesting a Raise

This is a raise request letter instance. Download the letter template for asking for a raise (like minded with Google Docs and Word Online) or see beneath for more examples.

Screenshot of a sample letter requesting a pay raise

Sample Letter Requesting a Raise (Text Version)

I have significantly enjoyed running at XYZ Sales Company for the beyond three years. In the ones years, I actually have end up an crucial member of the sales group, and have evolved modern ways to make a contribution to the employer.

For example, within the past yr on my own, I actually have accomplished the subsequent goals:

  • Highest-ranking shop clerk in patron satisfaction last quarter
  • Brought new excessive-profile clients to the enterprise, increasing overall organization income revenue by way of 10%
  • Voluntarily educated incoming income staff, totaling 80 hours of voluntary carrier

I trust I have gone above and past the benchmarks we set for my position when I arrived at the enterprise 3 years in the past.

I could consequently recognize the opportunity to fulfill with you to discuss increasing my salary so that it's miles commensurate with my present day overall performance. I request a pay increase of 6%, which I agree with reflects both my present day skills and industry averages.

Once once more, I am grateful to be a member of this enterprise, and I experience taking over assignments that allow me to make contributions to the company.

Thank you to your time. I stay up for speaking with you soon.


Melody Brown

Sample Email Letter Requesting a Pay Raise

Subject Line: George Smith – Meeting Request

Hi Jane,

Now that the XYZ venture is within the rear view and we’re all settling returned into our regular exercises, I wanted to drop you a line to ask if we are able to have a meeting to discuss my compensation.

As you understand, I started at ABC Corp two years ago as an intern and came on board at a revenue that became barely low in the pay band, with the know-how that we'd revisit my pay at evaluation time. Since then, of path, we’ve all been too busy to suppose tons about some thing but hitting our cut-off dates.

I experience so lucky to have had the opportunity to start my career with mentors such as you and Jack, and to maintain to learn in a organization that’s developing so fast. Over the past two years, I’ve gladly assumed many hats, inclusive of lead on our cutting-edge task. In addition, I’ve continually exceeded my very own dreams with out missing a unmarried deadline. I’ve additionally persisted growing my skillset, taking instructions in UX layout.

My research indicates that a raise of 10% would be appropriate. I’d love the possibility to satisfy with you and discuss in man or woman.


George Smith
Junior Graphic Designer
ABC Corp
47 Paper Street, Suite 221
Lansing, Michigan 48864

How to Send Your Letter Via Email

Most offices rely upon electronic mail for written communication. If you ship your request for a raise thru e-mail, the majority of your letter might be similar to in a difficult replica. There are, but, some small differences to preserve in mind:

  • Omit the paragraphs along with your deal with and your supervisor’s cope with.
  • Choose an appropriate situation line, e.g. “Your Name - Request.”
  • Keep your word concise and to the factor.
  • Proofread your letter and ship your self a test replica, to make certain that your formatting comes out the manner you supposed. Only whilst you’re sure that the entirety is correct must you ship it to your supervisor.

The Bottom Line

IN MANY CASES, IT’S OK TO NEGOTIATE IN WRITING: Research suggests that many human beings are uncomfortable discussing cash. Your boss may additionally welcome the threat to recollect your request beforehand of time.

DO YOUR RESEARCH PRIOR TO NEGOTIATING SALARY: Conduct revenue studies to set a pay variety that’s based totally for your enjoy, competencies, training, and area.

GIVE YOUR MANAGER REASON TO SUPPORT YOUR REQUEST: List and quantify your accomplishments, paying unique attention to goals passed and money saved or earned.