Sample Welcome Letter From the Manager

See an Informal Sample Welcome Letter Sent Prior to the Start Date

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When you’re welcoming a new employee on your organisation, a welcome letter from the manager can set the tone for the complete courting. You can make the welcome letter formal or informal.

But, a welcome letter will move a long manner in making the new employee comfortable upon arrival for the first day of work—and this is one of the clean motives why a supervisor could send an employee welcome letter with such targeted information.

Contents of a New Employee Welcome Letter

The welcome letter from the supervisor tells the brand new worker approximately the courting she can have with the manager. It may additionally point out the manager’s expectancies and goals for the brand new worker. Its goal is to make the employee snug starting her new task.

This is a difficult intention to perform in sending a brand new employee welcome letter. But, believe the pain of a brand new employee who has nothing in writing before the first day that describes what he's going to revel in whilst he starts at the new job.

Your goal in sending the brand new employee welcome letter is to mitigate any ability confusion or uncertainty. You additionally do not want a concerned new employee to surprise about whether or not you're truely expecting them to show up.

The following letter is warm and inspiring, yet, it states dreams and expectancies that the manager has for the new worker. It sets up the expectation that personnel paintings difficult, make selections, and are not micromanaged.

It guarantees the brand new worker that she can have help and aid from coworkers as she starts offevolved her new activity. The purpose is to offer information, without overwhelming her, previous to the start day.

Sample Welcome Letter for a New Employee

This is a sample informal letter from the individual’s new manager. Use it for example when you craft your personal welcome letters to ship for your new employees. Make positive which you are honest so that what the brand new worker experiences on beginning is congruent with what you inform her in the welcome letter.

Dear Margaret,

The choice crew become excited to hear which you had popular our process provide. So, I wanted to percentage some information approximately our department and your team previous to your begin date. It could be exceptional whilst you stroll into the branch on May 21 at 9 a.m. if you know what you're strolling into.

My management fashion empowers employees to make the selections approximately how they do their jobs inside the framework of the branch’s goals. Our dreams float from the government planning process right here at Smith-Thompson. The system receives our input as I sit down at the govt team and help expand our average strategic route.

You can check the department’s cutting-edge objectives. I even have arranged get admission to for you at: (url of targets at the company’s inner website). Take a observe the goals and you’ll locate where your new task fits into our department’s method. If you have got questions, just e-mail me.

You’re joining a tremendous crew of coworkers. Several had been with the organisation for over twenty years and numerous have joined the group in the beyond 5 years. So, we have a terrific variety of content and product facts, historic statistics, and fresh viewpoints that make operating collectively a wealthy revel in.

Everyone on the group works without a doubt difficult and that they don’t countenance slackers. You inspired them within the interviews along with your power, enthusiasm and your tune record of operating difficult and clever.

I do control through strolling round and, as you saw for your excursion, we trust that selection making is stronger and accelerated whilst coworkers work in a rather open place. You saw your workspace for your tour, so realize what to anticipate whilst you get right here. Everyone is cheering to your success.

You received’t lack for help whilst you start paintings. In addition to spending time with me, Magdalena has volunteered to be your mentor, a function we take significantly at Smith-Thompson. You met Magdalena throughout your 2nd interview, I consider.

Both Magdalena and I actually have set up our schedules in order that we are within the workplace in your first few days, however you're welcome to invite everybody about something in your new organisation. They’re all committed to welcoming you and helping you integrate efficiently into the crew.

Your initial education will come from Kate whom you furthermore may met all through both the primary and 2d round of interviews. She is our maximum experienced man or woman in the position that you are becoming a member of us to do. What she is aware of approximately our customers and clients is precisely what you’ll need to realize to be triumphant.

Our HR staff idea that you would possibly want to examine approximately our benefits and policies before you had been buried within the new job. Here’s the link to the desk of contents of our employee manual. (Insert hyperlink.) You can study at your enjoyment and speak to Elizabeth in HR or me with any questions or issues.

As you return onboard, I want to emphasize that our inner most commitment is to our customers. At Smith-Thompson, we don’t just say this. We live it. This is why we’ve succeeded as a business and why our employees prevail because the business succeeds. This is our inner most held price.

In addition, my inner most commitment is to the folks who file to me in our branch. Your fulfillment, happiness, and endured boom are my obligation to facilitate. While you're the man or woman maximum in price of those employee delight elements, I am right here to mentor and educate you, do away with boundaries to your success, and help you nice integration into your new activity and new corporation.

Once once more, we’re excited to welcome you to Smith-Thompson. This is going to be every other exquisite yr for everybody. Thank you for becoming a member of the team.

Kind regards,



Cell: 000-000-0000

How do you observed Margaret felt as she showed up at Smith-Thompson for her first day on the new task? You could be proper in case you replied: Informed, wanted, trusted, and truly welcomed.