Sick Day Email Message Examples and Writing Tips


Although the expression is to "call in unwell," electronic mail is frequently an appropriate way to tell your manager that you're sick and won't be able to come into work. Before you hit "ship," however, you'll want to make sure your email is worded successfully to avoid any terrible repercussions—for you, your crew, or your boss. Plus, you'll want to check your worker manual so you recognize whilst a doctor's observe is needed.

Options for Calling In Sick

Before you ship an e mail letting your boss understand which you're unwell, make sure that is the manner you are anticipated to offer notification which you won't be inside the office, or on line if you paintings remotely. Also, make sure to specify whether or not you will be available to work.

At many businesses, unwell days have transformed into "respond to emails from home" days.

Be clear in your e-mail about whether or not you're too unwell to respond to emails or plan to check in periodically.

Also, let your supervisor recognize if you're to be had to reply any questions which can rise up for the duration of your absence. 

If you are too ill or contagious to work however sense that there are responsibilities you could though do at domestic, you may without a doubt ask your supervisor if telecommuting for the day is an option. It can avoid your having to take a paid or unpaid sick day. The worst issue your supervisor can say is not any (possibly simply due to the fact he prefers that you take the day to recover absolutely so that you can return to work as soon as feasible).

While it could be tempting to live on top of emails even on a sick day, hold in thoughts that from time to time relaxation is essential to recover. And operating even as you are beneath the climate can lead to sloppy errors. So in case you need to unplug from e mail and avoid all paintings, accomplish that. 

Sample Sick Day Email Messages

Use this sample sick day electronic mail message while you will be taking a ill day and if e-mail—rather than a cellphone call or textual content—is an appropriate manner to inform your supervisor.

Subject: Your Name - Sick Day

Dear Supervisor Name:

I will be not able to attend paintings these days because of private infection. I could be the usage of certainly one of my ill days to cowl this absence from work.

Please permit me recognise if I can offer any similarly information. I’ll take a look at my e mail for the duration of the day.


Your Name

Subject: Michael Doring Absence

Dear Ms. Kelly,

Please be given this written notification of my absence on August 27, 2020. I changed into unable to come to work because of sickness.

If you need extra information, please let me recognise.


Michael Doring

What to Include in Your Email 

Provide your supervisor with critical records about why you might not be in, but don't percentage too many information about the exact nature of your sickness. No one wants to picture the specifics! Here are some information you would possibly need to include for your observe:

Whether or now not you will be checking your e-mail. You can also offer your cellphone quantity, in case some thing pressing comes up. 

If you take paid go away. Mention whether or not you intend on taking a paid or unpaid unwell day.

Explain what you'll be missing. If you are inside the center of a project or may be missing an important meeting, you could want to proportion that data. You can say something like, "Marisa should be up to date if there are any questions about the Richardson proposal," or "I will do my first-class to call into the group meeting at midday," or "I'll also be emailing Tanisha in order that she can cowl my social media duties."

When to Send Your Email 

Be courteous in your manager, fellow personnel, and—if applicable—your customers. As soon as you realize, alert them that you may be out sick. You can send the email within the midnight or first factor in the morning while your alarm is going off, and also you comprehend you aren’t going so that you can make it away from bed.

You'll honestly want to avoid sending your e-mail on the time you should be arriving at work—or worse, after your begin time. It can make it seem as in case you slept through your alarm, and it can depart coworkers scrambling to cowl your paintings in the course of the time it takes your manager to find a replacement for you.

You can also send an electronic mail on your team informing them that you'll be out sick; keeping each person inside the loop will help them adjust in your absence as easily and speedy as feasible.

Set Up an Out of the Office Message

Place an out-of-office reaction to your paintings e mail and/or telephone account. In it, you may let folks who try to contact you understand that you may not be responding to e-mail that day.

It’s additionally a good concept to direct them to someone else who can assist out with pressing questions and issues throughout your absence. Also, cancel or move any meetings that you may not be capable of make. 

Key Takeaways

Alert your manager to a ill day the usage of e mail. In your message, point out whether you may be checking emails or will be offline completely. 

Don't share too many info. You can in reality say "I'm taking a sick day" or "I'm feeling under the weather." There's no want to percentage specifics on the nature of your contamination. 

Time your electronic mail as it should be. Make sure it arrives before your begin time.

Have backup in location. If you are working on urgent tasks or will acquire emails that demand a right away reaction, set up for some other worker to cowl your paintings at some point of your sick day.