Learn About the Different Federal Agent Positions

These Are the Most Interesting and Competitive Law Enforcement Jobs

Perhaps the maximum storied and well-known investigative frame in the United States Federal Government, unique retailers with the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) do it all. From economic fraud to preventing terrorism, the FBI gives opportunities for agents to focus on a number of crook investigations.

Though their jurisdiction is confined to in the United States and its territories, FBI dealers also paintings around the sector helping overseas investigative bodies while U.S. citizens are victims or suspects of sure crimes.

FBI agents acquire schooling at the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA and need to be inclined to work anywhere they are assigned. There are multiple hiring tracks, relying on an individual's region of know-how, the level of schooling and earlier regulation enforcement revel in.

Secret Service Agents

Secret Service Agents

The authentic guys in black, mystery carrier retailers have two very particular roles inside law enforcement. Most famously, the U.S. Secret Service is chargeable for defensive the President of the US, in addition to other high-ranking U.S. officials and traveling foreign leaders. Agents are specialists in dignitary protection, and that they offer training to kingdom and neighborhood law enforcement.

Besides shielding POTUS, Secret Service dealers guard the U.S. economic device through investigating incidents of money laundering, economic fraud, and especially counterfeiting of cash.

Air Force Investigators


The Air Force Office of Special Investigations helps the USA Air Force by using investigating primary or violent crimes involving Air Force personnel, conducting internal investigations, and accumulating intelligence on enemy forces, and investigating threats to Air Force interests and belongings.

Modeled after the FBI, AFOSI has large investigative obligations everywhere the U.S. Air Force has a presence. Special retailers come from both civilian and army ranks and need to be ready and willing to stay and paintings nearly anywhere in the international. AFOSI is also the countrywide leader in cyber crimes investigations and hosts the Defense Cyber Crime Center.

U.S. Army Investigators

Army Investigator

Like Air Force investigators, U.S. Army unique marketers are answerable for carrying out inner and crook investigations of Army army and civilian personnel. Nearly any crime concerning Army pursuits may fall beneath the jurisdiction of the U.S. Army Criminal Investigations Command, even though the point of interest is normally on crimes of violence, fraud and other important violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Army investigators are pretty trained and encompass civilian unique agents and navy police employees. Agents have to be pretty knowledgeable and equipped to work everywhere within the international.

Naval Criminal Investigative Services

Soundtrack - NCIS, Vol. 2

Perhaps excellent regarded among army regulation enforcement careers because of the television series NCIS, unique agents within the Department of the Navy behavior main investigations related to participants of the US Navy and U.S. Marine Corps.

NCIS agents conduct impartial investigations, in addition to help local law enforcement while a local research involves Navy employees or interests.

ICE/Homeland Security Agents

ICE Agents

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) dealers and Homeland Security investigators work within the United States Department of Homeland Security and behavior specialised investigations into threats to U.S. residents in addition to violations of customs legal guidelines.

ICE and Homeland Security retailers are more often than not centered on preserving risky individuals from coming into the U.S., preventing human trafficking, investigating international money laundering and supporting in drug enforcement efforts.

ATF Agents

ATF Badge

Agents of the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) serve an crucial roll in regulating vices and supporting to preserve dangerous weapons and materials out of the arms of criminals.

ATF agents are tasked with investigating the trafficking of firearms, arson investigations, unlawful income of alcohol and tobacco products, and the sale, switch, and use of explosives and explosive materials. ATF marketers behavior substantial undercover operations. They can be required to travel for extended durations of time.

DEA Agents

DEA Agents

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is the federal organisation on the leading edge of the fight against drugs. Agents paintings very intently with kingdom, nearby and foreign regulation enforcement organizations and perform undercover investigations. They additionally provide intelligence and education assist to law enforcement corporations across the us of a.

The DEA prefers agents to preserve, at a minimal, a four-year degree. Preference is given to people with earlier law enforcement experience and advanced tiers.

Department of Defense Agents

The Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia is headquarters of the United States Department of Defense

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is a large bureaucracy that hosts the four war-fighting branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. While every person department employs its personal unique investigative body, Department of Defense unique sellers are uniquely tasked with undertaking investigations of instances of fraud and economic crimes, specifically as they relate to procurement and executions of navy contracts. Many of its places of work are housed in Washington, D.C. within the Pentagon.

The Department of Defense Criminal Investigative Services works to guard DoD employees by using making sure bought equipment is brought and operative. The service's primary venture is to ensure the protection of all civilian and navy DoD personnel. DCIS also assists different businesses in investigating cyber crimes and countrywide safety threats.