Becoming a Telephone Triage Nurse

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Telephone triage nursing is going by way of some extraordinary names, which include telehealth nursing and telepathology. This credentialed scientific strong point changed into designed to assist sufferers in on the spot want who are not able to get to a doctor’s office or clinic. The uniqueness is also designed to assist folks who do now not have number one care physicians. The cellphone triage nurse works to determine the extent of care a patient wishes and guides the scenario to a decision. Unlike on-website nurses, these professionals ought to help sufferers in simple terms via talking with them on the phone.

Most scientific experts operating on this area are certified nurses and are most usually known as "smartphone triage nurses."

The Telephone Triage Nurse Profession

A smartphone triage nurse is charged with the entirety from running with patients to determine in the event that they need to are seeking emergency remedy, to teaching them to make an appointment with a doctor, to advising them how to deal with themselves at domestic.

The underlying position of a smartphone triage nurse is to assist sufferers assess the severity of their fitness hassle—saving them a journey to the health practitioner's workplace or a experience to the emergency room. This service is especially useful for homebound patients, the ones in rural regions who can't get to a facility, or those unable to pay for medical services. Additionally, telephone triage nurses help medical doctors lessen their affected person load that allows you to see sufferers in more essential need—subsequently the word "triage." Because of their work, telephone triage nurses also help lessen overcrowding and waiting time in emergency scientific facilities which include pressing care facilities and health facility emergency rooms.

Because cellphone triage offerings are operational 24/7, telephone triage nurses may want to paintings weekends, night shifts, and holidays.


To become a cellphone triage nurse, the first factor you need to do is earn your nursing diploma or diploma. After that, you need to skip the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN).

Additional certification as an ambulatory care nurse is suggested and will growth one's probabilities of having a task. The certification is offered through the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing and is useful because a section of the examination specializes in cellphone triage. If you need to take the examination, you want to have already finished at least 2,000 hours of nursing experience in a clinical placing.

Necessary Skills

In addition to the obvious scientific education, cellphone triage nurses need to own great communication capabilities above the whole lot else. Also, they ought to be nimble and suppose on their toes because fitness troubles aren't static—they could get worse at any time. Telephone triage nurses have to continue to be calm throughout the conversation, being empathetic and in reality taking note of patients. They also have on the way to verify every situation quick.  

Places of Employment

One of the advantages of this profession path is that telephone triage nurses can find employment in a mess of environments—maximum significantly dedicated cellphone triage service facilities. That said, jobs also are to be had in physicians' workplaces, hospitals, outpatient care centers, trauma centers, poison manage facilities, and disaster hotlines.

A Typical Call

The first thing a far off nurse does is pull together basic statistics about the patient. The nurse finds out the individual's age, intercourse, weight, and peak—all of those contribute to the general assessment. Next, the nurse inquires if the patient has any recognized illnesses or ongoing health troubles which includes diabetes, high blood pressure, a records of panic assaults, or a acknowledged heart situation. To accurately investigate the affected person's situation, the nurse should get the patient to describe the signs as correctly as viable. For instance, for a patient who complains of feeling lightheaded, the nurse may ask whether they feel dizzy, faint, or weak.

Once confident that each one the necessary information has been gathered, the telephone triage nurse can advocate a route of movement. For instance, if the assessment is that the affected person is laid low with warmth exhaustion, the patient might be directed to drink fluids and discover an air-conditioned room to relaxation in. If a patient is bleeding closely from a cooking accident, the smartphone triage nurse might direct the affected person to compress the wound and are searching for on the spot clinical interest. Also, primarily based at the severity of the health trouble, the nurse will decide if the affected person ought to agenda a follow-up visit with their preferred practitioner (GP).

What If a Patient Doesn't Have a GP?

Many sufferers don't have the cash to go to a popular practitioner on a regular foundation. For that reason, nurses might also dispense records they think the affected person desires from a social welfare attitude. For example, they will direct low-earnings individuals to packages that could offer financial resource.

Pros of Being a Telephone Triage Nurse

The pros in this profession are as follows:

  • You're only handling one patient at a time.
  • You feel liked because you helped a person in need.
  • There's no limitless paperwork to fill out.
  • After a call, you have a feel of feat because you completed a challenge—and you could circulate directly to the next call.
  • There's no worry of contracting a communicable ailment, consisting of tuberculosis.
  • You don't should cope with needles and injections, which may be tough.
  • You do not must positioned up with sufferers who complain about every ache and pain due to the fact (for the maximum component) you are handling a real fitness difficulty.

Cons of Being a Telephone Triage Nurse

The cons of this career are as follows:

  • You may want to help store a lifestyles but you do not get to see how a person advanced based totally on your advice.
  • You should rely upon someone's potential to explain some thing difficult, inclusive of a rash.
  • It can be worrying operating on your own while coping with a severely ill patient.
  • People tend to be much less polite at the telephone because they can not see the individual in the back of the voice. 
  • Your tone of voice has to be spot-on due to the fact a patient can't see your facial expressions, which talk a lot in man or woman.

Salary and Job Outlook

According to, as of June 2018, an RN workforce nurse, telephone triage employee earns an average income of $71,931, with quite a number $sixty five,635 and $eighty one,344.

While the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) does no longer put up salaries for registered triage nurses, it does put up a comparable median earnings of $70,000 for registered nurses. And, in line with the BLS, employment of registered nurses is projected to develop 15 percent from 2016 to 2026. This is lots faster than the common for all occupations due to employment growth in the subject as the populace a long time and the need to update workers who might be retiring over the coming decade.