Is Military School the Perfect University?

Noon formation outside Bancroft Hall at US Naval Academy.

The perfect college could have high academic standards. No freebie-get-with the aid of garbage publications like "Television Appreciation," or "Concepts of Profanity." The best college could train difficult-middle math, technological know-how, and English guides.

The perfect university might now not train college students that they have to hate the us of a they have been born in. The best college could location a excessive price on bodily health at the same time as not setting their sports-group beforehand of the fee in their lecturers. The ideal university might teach the value of honesty, integrity, loyalty, and strength of will.

The perfect university would additionally offer loose tuition to all college students. No, permit's make that unfastened lessons and unfastened rooms. How approximately loose training, unfastened rooms, and unfastened books? Or, an appropriate college may want to offer free tuition, loose rooms, loose books, and loose food! Even better: an appropriate university might provide a small revenue-kind monthly stipend, as well as unfastened lessons, rooms, books, and food.

You say such a college can't exist? We know of four: The United States Military Academy (West Point), the USA Air Force Academy, the United States Naval Academy, and the US Coast Guard Academy.

All four of these establishments meet or exceed the standards listed above for the "best college." (Okay, the Coast Guard Academy does require $three,000 up the front, but aside from that, it qualifies). What's the catch? They are extremely hard to get into. One may even say it takes an act of Congress.

The U.S. Military Academy

Since its founding almost two centuries in the past, the Military Academy has completed its venture through developing cadets in 4 essential regions: intellectual, physical, navy, and ethical-moral -- a four-12 months manner called the "West Point Experience."


From the day of its founding on March 16, 1802, West Point has grown in its length and stature, however it stays dedicated to the challenge of manufacturing commissioned leaders of man or woman for America's Army. Today, the Academy graduates more than 900 new officials yearly, which represents approximately 25 percent of the brand new lieutenants required by means of the Army every 12 months. The scholar body, or Corps of Cadets, numbers 4,000, of whom approximately 15 percent are girls.

A favourite expression at West Point is that "an awful lot of the records we train changed into made by humans we taught." Great leaders including Grant and Lee, Pershing and MacArthur, Eisenhower and Patton, Westmoreland and Schwarzkopf are some of the extra than 50,000 graduates of the Military Academy.

The basis of the ethical code at West Point is located inside the Academy's motto, "Duty, Honor, Country." Cadets also expand ethically with the aid of adhering to the Cadet Honor Code, which states "A cadet will not lie, cheat or thieve, or tolerate folks that do."

Academic Programs

Specific developmental goals are addressed thru numerous absolutely coordinated and integrated applications. A difficult Academic Program that includes a center of 31 publications provides a balanced education in the arts and sciences. This center curriculum establishes the foundation for optionally available courses that allow cadets to discover in extra depth a subject of look at or an optional major. All cadets get hold of a Bachelor of Science degree, that is designed in particular to satisfy the highbrow requirements of a commissioned officer in cutting-edge Army.

The Physical Program at West Point consists of each physical training training and aggressive athletics. Every cadet participates in an intercollegiate, membership or intramural level game every semester. This rigorous physical application contributes to the intellectual and bodily fitness that is required for service as an officer within the Army.

Cadets analyze primary navy competencies, consisting of leadership, thru a stressful Military Program which starts on their first day at West Point. Most military education takes region throughout the summer, with new cadets present process Cadet Basic Training -- or Beast Barracks -- the first yr, accompanied by Cadet Field Training at close by Camp Buckner the second yr.

Cadets spend their 1/3 and fourth summers serving in active Army devices around the world; attending superior education publications along with airborne, air assault or northern conflict; or education the primary- and 2nd-year cadets as individuals of the management cadre. Military education is mixed with navy science practise to offer a stable army foundation for officership.

Moral-moral development occurs at some stage in the formal applications as well as a bunch of sports and reports available at the Military Academy. These include formal preparation inside the essential values of the army profession, voluntary spiritual applications, interaction with staff and college role models, and a energetic visitor speaker program.

Recreational Activities and Clubs

The life of a cadet is worrying, however leisure time does allow leisure sports which includes golf, snowboarding, sailing, and ice-skating, Intramural clubs include a cadet radio station, orienteering, rock climbing, and Big Brother-Big Sister. A huge kind of religious activities is to be had to cadets from simply all spiritual backgrounds.

The United States Naval Academy

The Naval Academy has a unique clarity of reason, expressed in our legitimate task: "To expand midshipmen morally, mentally and bodily and to imbue them with the best beliefs of obligation, honor and loyalty in an effort to offer graduates who are dedicated to a profession of Naval service and feature capability for destiny improvement in mind and character to anticipate the very best obligations of command, citizenship and authorities."

This puts all people -- school, personnel, and midshipmen -- on the same wavelength. It additionally encourages a experience of spirit and pleasure found at few different colleges. The moral, intellectual and bodily factors of our application are equally crucial, all contributing to the qualities of an great naval officer.

The classes now at the Naval Academy will produce the various leaders of the Navy and Marine Corps for the next 30 years. In the direction of their careers, the navy and political occasions of the world will take unexpected turns. Military pressure systems will alternate as new era takes hold. Naval Academy graduates will meet those new challenges with courage, honor, and integrity upholding loved traditions, continually leading to a brand new and higher destiny.

Academic Programs

Every midshipman's educational application starts with a core curriculum that consists of courses in engineering, technology, arithmetic, humanities and social science. This is designed to give a huge-primarily based education so that a midshipman will qualify for almost any profession area within the Navy or Marine Corps. At the equal time, the majors application allows midshipmen to increase precise regions of educational interest.

For fantastically capable and extraordinarily influenced college students, the academy gives difficult honors applications and opportunities to start work on postgraduate degrees at the same time as nevertheless on the academy. After four years on the Naval Academy, the lifestyles and customs of the naval service turn out to be 2d nature. First, midshipmen learn to take orders from almost every person. But before lengthy, they collect the duty for making choices which could affect masses of other midshipmen.

Their professional lecture room research are backed via many hours of realistic enjoy in management and naval operations, including assignments with Navy and Marine Corps units throughout summer months.

Focus on Moral Beliefs

Moral-moral improvement is a fundamental element of all aspects of the Naval Academy revel in. As destiny officers within the Navy or Marine Corps, midshipmen will in the future be answerable for the valuable lives of many women and men and multi-million greenback gadget. From plebe summer thru commencement, the Naval Academy's 4-12 months character development program focuses on the attributes of integrity, honor, and mutual respect.

One of the goals of this software is to develop midshipmen who own a extra definite experience of their personal ethical ideals and the ability to articulate them. Honor is emphasized through the Honor Concept -- a machine which became to begin with formulated in 1951 and states "Midshipmen are folks of integrity: they stand for that that is right." These academy phrases to stay by way of are based totally on the moral values of recognize for human dignity, recognize for honesty and admire for the property of others.

Brigade honor committees composed of elected upper-elegance midshipmen are responsible for education and education inside the Honor Concept. Midshipmen determined in violation of the Honor Concept by means of their peers can be separated from the Naval Academy.

Physical Fitness Emphasis

The Academy emphasizes the significance of being physically in shape and organized for pressure due to the fact the obligations of Navy and Marine Corps officials regularly require long, strenuous hours in hard conditions. The bodily requirements of plebe summer time schooling, four years of physical schooling and year-round athletics additionally broaden delight, teamwork, and leadership.

The United States Air Force Academy

Professional improvement is crucial to the Air Force Academy enjoy and distinguishes it from other institutions of higher gaining knowledge of. Four number one regions are burdened: expert navy research, theoretical and implemented management reports, aviation technological know-how and airmanship applications, and army training.

The purpose is to provide cadets the expertise, abilties, values and conduct styles vital to meet the leadership demanding situations of the 21st century wherein they will spend greater than half of their Air Force careers.


In years beyond, the Academy has furnished its graduates with, what creator Tom Wolfe calls the right stuff, the stuff of heroes. Heroes - like Capt. Lance P. Sijan, Class of 1965, who earned the Medal of Honor posthumously for by no means ending his personal combat for freedom after he became shot down and captured by the North Vietnamese. Like Col. Karol J. Bobko, Class of 1959, who piloted the gap commute Challenger in 1983 and commanded two area shuttle missions in 1985.

Another graduate, Col. John Blaha, Class of 1965, commanded the 1991 Atlantis Space Shuttle flight and piloted two previous commute flights.

Physical Fitness Focus

Athletic packages stress physical fitness, intercollegiate excellence and management improvement in a aggressive environment. Cadets take part in 27 guys's and women's intercollegiate sports activities, with a number of the groups, including soccer and basketball, competing in the Western Athletic Conference. Also, a extensive software of intramurals instills in cadets the spirit of teamwork and leadership this is essential in Air Force officers.

The Academy boasts some of the best sports activities centers everywhere, such as a multi-faceted subject residence, cadet fitness center, myriad tennis courts and out of doors gambling fields, as well as two 18-hollow golf courses. Civilian and navy coaches combine their abilties to instill a aggressive spirit in cadets, a spirit that has made triumphing an Academy lifestyle.

Academic Programs

Academically, the Academy is recognized as one of the greatest colleges inside the kingdom, generating 30 Rhodes Scholars and hundreds of different scholarship recipients in its 34 graduating instructions. A middle curriculum lets in cadets to gather a wide education in the fundamental and engineering sciences, in social sciences and arts, and to pick from 25 disciplines.

Providing the bulk of training and education is a corps of committed, professional profession Air Force and other carrier officials whose wealth of revel in makes them ideal function models for cadets. Distinguished travelling professors from civilian colleges and universities supplement the officer corps and offer distinctive views and reports in the school rooms and lecture halls.

The Cadet Honor Code is the centerpiece of a cadet's moral and ethical improvement. Each cadet pledges: "We will now not lie, scouse borrow or cheat, nor tolerate amongst us each person who does." All cadets take formal guides in ethics and get hold of honor and ethics coaching as part of their army training.

The Academy experience is one of a kind -- tough, worthwhile, and necessary to fulfill the challenges of Air Force management. Some 12,000 ladies and men are searching for entry to the Academy every yr. Of this variety, handiest approximately 1,three hundred are decided on. These new cadets will have the characteristics with a purpose to help them meet the demanding situations of the Academy's rigorous, stressful software.

The United States Coast Guard Academy

Founded in 1876, the USA Coast Guard Academy has a proud way of life as one of the greatest and most selective schools in America. The smallest of the 5 Federal Service Academies, the Coast Guard Academy offers a four-year Bachelor of Science application with a full scholarship for every person. Unlike the opposite Federal Service Academies, but, there aren't any congressional appointments.

The challenge of the US Coast Guard Academy goes properly beyond teachers. The challenge is:

"To graduate younger ladies and men with sound bodies, stout hearts, and alert minds, with a liking for the sea and its lore, with that high experience of honor, loyalty, and obedience which is going with trained initiative and leadership; nicely grounded in seamanship, the sciences, and amenities, and strong within the solve to be worth of the traditions of commissioned officials within the United States Coast Guard within the service in their country and humanity."

Students come to the Academy to be challenged academically, bodily, and professionally. By offering excellent educational packages, a dependent army routine, and competitive athletics, the Academy graduates capable and professional navy officials to serve our united states of america.

Academic Programs and Goals

The Academy's four primary targets are: (1) to offer through principle and instance an surroundings that encourages a high feel of honor, loyalty, and obedience; (2) to provide a valid undergraduate training in a subject of interest to the Coast Guard; (3) to offer a dwelling laboratory for leadership training; and (4) to offer training which permits graduates to expect their on the spot responsibilities as junior officers afloat.

After successfully completing the Academy application, each graduate receives a Bachelor of Science diploma in considered one of 8 majors and a commission as an Ensign inside the U.S. Coast Guard. Each graduate is required to serve not less than five years of active duty upon graduation.

Admission to the Academy is primarily based on national competition. An average of 265 students enters the Academy each yr out of about 5500 candidates. Mid-year students aren't typical. The scholar body, referred to as the Corps of Cadets, consists of approximately 850 cadets such as approximately 30% women and 20% minorities, plus global college students representing various countries.

The Academy revel in goes some distance past an everyday study room curriculum. Freshman year begins in July, seven weeks prior to the educational school year. The first seven weeks, referred to as "Swab Summer," are an invigorating period of bodily, army, and management schooling. The closing week is spent sailing aboard America's lively duty square rigger, Barque Eagle, America's Tall Ship.

Summer is devoted to expert and military training except for 3 weeks of vacation. Cadets spend five weeks in their sophomore summer season sailing on board the schooling barque Eagle, 3 weeks at a Coast Guard unit, and two weeks crusing small boats. Junior summer season involves the subsequent schooling: leadership, specialized shipboard training, rifle and pistol, aviation, and management roles schooling the incoming freshman elegance.

Post Graduate Preparedness

In instruction for shipboard existence after commencement, seniors spend ten weeks aboard a Coast Guard cutter gaining knowledge of the roles they'll be responsible for as junior officers. In addition, academic internships are available on Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C., and in Coast Guard forte fields, consisting of mechanical and civil engineering.

Basic Eligibility Requirements

To attend one of the service academies, applicants have to:

  • be 17 but no longer but 23 years of age by means of July 1 of year admitted.
  • be a U.S. citizen on the time of enrollment (exception: overseas college students nominated via agreement between the U.S. and some other country).
  • be of excessive ethical quality.
  • be unmarried.
  • not be pregnant or have a legal duty to support a infant or youngsters.
  • with the exception of the Coast Guard Academy, applicants should reap a nomination from a U.S. Congressman, Senator, the Vice President of the USA, or the U.S. Representative (U.S. Possessions). (Note: Current enlisted individuals applying to attend one of the carrier academies do no longer require a nomination).