Top Things to Consider When Joining the Marine Corps

US Marine stands guard.

The U.S. Marine Corps is referred to as one of the maximum ambitious military forces within the world, and its reputation is properly-earned. From its famously rigorous boot camp to the fearless mind-set of its troops, the Marine Corps is an attractive career for individuals who need to make a distinction.

It's essential to take a look at all the Corps has to offer earlier than identifying to enlist and to be conscious that a excursion of responsibility within the Marines is virtually not for all people. It doesn't matter what your Marine Corps process is: If you are a Marine, you will install, in the end. The Marines are proud of the reality that they may be all taken into consideration riflemen first, and something their army occupational uniqueness (MOS) or process is second. 

Brief History of the Marines

Officially hooked up in 1775 via the Continental Congress, the Marines have been created to act as a touchdown pressure for the U.S. Navy. They had been installed as a separate department of the U.S. army in 1798. 

Marines focus on amphibious operations, and are Marine Corps gadgets are frequently connected to ships deployed at sea. Navy aircraft providers typically deploy with a Marine flying squadron alongside Navy squadrons. 

In the present day technology, the Marines increased floor-combat operations. In standard, they may be a extra nimble, lighter pressure in assessment to other branches, with the aim of being able to set up quick. 

The branches of the U.S. army percentage many similarities, but each has its very own particular subculture. And each branch has different incentives, possibilities for assignments and jobs, deployment fees, and promotion prices. Here are the various factors within the Marine Corps you may need to keep in mind before figuring out to enlist.

Recruiting Environment

With the exception of the Coast Guard, the Marine Corps is the smallest navy service and best needs to enlist about 38,000 new recruits in keeping with yr (compared with the Army's average 80,000 yearly recruiting purpose). The Marines are small due to the fact the Corps needs to be nimble a good way to rapidly set up. 

Marines Basic Training

Marine Corps boot camp is legendary for being the maximum tough and grueling basic education of all the branches of the U.S. navy; at thirteen weeks, it's far the longest. There are two locations in which male Marine recruits educate: Parris Island, South Carolina and the recruit training depot at San Diego, California. And as one might imagine, given the competitive nature of the navy, there is an severe rivalry between the "east coast" and "west coast" Marines.

Female Marine recruits educate at Parris Island break free the guys. 

Educational Opportunities for Marines

Everyone who enlists in any department of the U.S. military is eligible for G.I. Bill, which gives training and residing allowance stipends for American veterans. The Marine Corps also has a college fund which adds cash to month-to-month G.I. Bill entitlements.

Job Opportunities for Marines

The Marine Corps has greater than one hundred eighty enlisted jobs, which as stated above, are referred to by way of their MOS variety. Because the Marine Corps receives a lot of its non-fight guide from the Navy, the process ratio is heavily weighted towards combat jobs.

There's no actual manner to get a guaranteed process whilst enlisting in the Marines. The preferred expectation is that new recruits really want to be a Marine, and then some thing process they pursue is a secondary issue.