10 Tips for Attracting Recruiters to Your LinkedIn Profile

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One survey located that ninety four% of recruiters use LinkedIn to supply candidates. More than just recruiters, hiring managers, and other selection-makers are using LinkedIn.

In truth, there’s this new global of digital recruiting that is replacing the traditional activity software system—the one wherein someone clearly applies after which gets employed.

Taken from a 2015 Quartz article,

“Most new hires don’t come through the conventional utility technique, in line with a new San Francisco Fed paper highlighted at The Wall Street Journal (paywall). The researchers observed that approximately three quarters of humans that get new jobs haven’t actively appeared or implemented for a activity inside the preceding three months, which means they had been probably poached or referred.”

What this indicates is that if you need to land the first-class possibilities, you either want to have a connection on the business enterprise or be recruited. This article is going to focus at the latter via sharing 10 recommendations on a way to make your LinkedIn profile stand out to recruiters. 

1. Be passionate and enthusiastic

People want to work with individuals who are enthusiastic about what they do.

Technical recruiter Nicole Tucker explains, “We clearly search for ardour and enthusiasm. These features are innate to personality and consequently, very hard to teach. You can research and study hard skills however smooth abilties are a bit bit harder. That stated, we rent ninety percent for culture and 10 percentage for tough talents.”

2. Show, don’t tell

Don’t just say that you are passionate and enthusiastic; show which you are.

The words “influenced”, “innovative” and “passionate” are some of the maximum overused on LinkedIn. Instead, display which you’re these things by means of sharing real examples of your ardour as well as instances you went above and past on your responsibilities.

3. Have a portfolio/Github with samples of your paintings

One exquisite way to display what you could do to your LinkedIn is by means of together with hyperlinks in your work samples out of your portfolio and challenge repositories from Github.

This additionally gives recruiters the risk to depart your LinkedIn profile to discover greater approximately you.

4. Don’t consist of “the entirety AND the kitchen sink”

According to Jenny Foss, profession strategist and the voice of the popular profession weblog jobjenny.com,

“One large mistake I see humans (now not simply activity seekers) make is that they have got this ‘the whole thing AND the kitchen sink’ mentality about what to put in their LinkedIn profiles. This is a mistake if you're a activity seeker due to the fact, assuming you need to have recruiters locate and evaluation your profile, recognize that the final thing they want is to ought to scroll until the quit of time to get to the lowest of your LinkedIn profile. Your goal with LinkedIn is to include sufficient so that you turn up within the sorts of searches you wish to turn up in (think: use key phrases which might be applicable and common for your target role) and so that you whet the urge for food of the reviewer and make them need to know extra. Your aim is to now not encompass so much that it's painful to get via the darned issue and/or weed out the most relevant information.”

five. Have a complete profile

The extra complete your profile is, the higher the percentages that a recruiter will discover you on LinkedIn.

Moreover, recruiters are seeking out info. They want to recognize what you do, in which you have worked, and more. A whole profile facilitates them do this.

Fortunately, LinkedIn makes it easy so that you can obtain a entire profile through imparting recommendations on where you may enhance it.

6. A network (or connections)

You don’t want a large network of loads of connections. However, having much less than 50 make you appear like a hermit or which you’re scared of social media. (Neither are appropriate.)

LinkedIn makes it handy to connect with others through permitting you to import electronic mail contacts, find people from your alma mater, and even indicates who you may recognise.

7. Recommendations or testimonials

Having managers and associates sing your praises publicly is going a protracted manner. It indicates recruiters that human beings enjoy operating with you.

8. The longer you’ve been at a position, the higher.

Bouncing around from job to job each month isn't a terrific sign. Staying indicates dedication.

Even if it’s a contractor/consulting activity, bear in mind adding it to your enjoy phase if you’ve been there for a 12 months or extra.

nine. Transferable talents

Make sure to spotlight any transferable talents you picked up from preceding positions.

Especially any kinds of software program/equipment you used, such Salesforce, Quickbooks, Microsoft Excel, etc. You’ll be amazed to look how a number of those can switch over or be relevant in other roles.

10. Education, courses and/or certificate

Listing your schooling allow you to rating 10 times more profile views than those who depart it blank, and make you 15 times much more likely to be contacted (source).

While schooling is a extremely good performance indicator, it alone does no longer say an awful lot. (Even if you attended a aggressive coding bootcamp.)

Make sure to additionally have proof to returned you up, like a portfolio and Github profile.

Furthermore, taking publications (after college) suggests that you value studying and self-improvement. Hiring those that need to keep getting to know is desirable.


Ultimately, LinkedIn is simply one piece of the job seek puzzle. (But a very critical piece at that!)

If you need help with your LinkedIn profile, make sure to down load my free LinkedIn profile of completion checklist (in particular for techies)!