Top 10 Best Jobs within the Media Industry

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College college students, want to offer your parents a scare? Tell them you’re taking into consideration going into a profession in media. Inundated with stories about the decline of the newspaper and mag enterprise, maximum dad and mom might probably decide on that their children pick just about every other career.

But not all media jobs require a press pass. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook, these rising (or still applicable!) media jobs offer a decent occupational outlook and a residing salary.

If you love speaking, whether through the written word or multimedia, you can nonetheless discover a dream process and a paycheck in this kind of fields.

Top 10 Jobs in the Media Industry

1. Interpreter/Translator

Formal training is less critical than language abilties for this task; interpreters and translators need to have native-stage talent in each languages, the language of the authentic text or speech, and the language of the finished product. Translators, who work with the written phrase, must additionally have an professional-stage know-how of grammar and style in both languages.

  • Median Pay: $51,830
  • Typical Education: Bachelor's Degree
  • Occupational Outlook, 2018-2028: 19%

2. Film/Video Editor

The explosion of on line and cellular video content had led to a corresponding growth in demand for movie and video editors, who take uncooked photos and rework it into a completed product. Editors must be adept at the usage of film enhancing software packages and typically have a degree associated with movie or broadcasting.

  • Median Pay: $fifty nine,810
  • Typical Education: Bachelor's Degree
  • Occupational Outlook, 2018-2028: eleven% (For film/video editors and camera operators.)

three. Technical Writer

Technical writers create everything from practise manuals to articles to documentation, and tend to work in STEM-related industries. To do this process, you will want a bachelor's diploma and experience with a technical difficulty, as well as the potential to explain complex concepts to lots of unique audiences and hit deadlines.

  • Median Pay: $72,850
  • Typical Education: Bachelor's Degree
  • Occupational Outlook, 2018-2028: 8%

four. Video Producer

If you spend any time on line, you've got probable noticed that video is taking over your favored web sites. Someone has to create the ones alluring, meme-inspiring video moments, and that person is a video producer. As the net video growth keeps, count on to look extra of those jobs on the horizon.

  • Median Pay: $74,420
  • Typical Education: Bachelor's Degree
  • Occupational Outlook, 2018-2028: 5% (For producers and administrators.)
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5. Public Relations Specialist

If you have brilliant verbal exchange abilities and are cushty speaking up the deserves of your favored logo or product, a profession in PR is probably the ideal fit for you. PR experts normally paintings for advertising and marketing companies, public relations companies, or massive groups with in-house PR teams. They layout and execute media strategies to keep their agency's products and services within the information—in a very good manner.

6. Blogger

Companies regularly hire bloggers as a part of their marketing method; an attractive blog offers a pleasant public face for the enterprise, at the same time as doubtlessly helping the corporation's rating on Google and other search engines. Writers who work typically on blogs have so that it will turn out attention-grabbing replica that adheres to the corporation's voice and fashion pointers, even as retaining social media and search engine marketing concepts in mind.

  • Median Pay: $63,2 hundred
  • Typical Education: Bachelor's Degree
  • Occupational Outlook, 2018-2028: Little or no exchange (For all writers and authors, which include bloggers.)

7. Sound Engineer

Sound engineers work in a variety of unique environments, from recording studios to stadiums to theaters, recording sound documents. They also regularly keep recording equipment. Sound engineers have variable schedules, depending on the wishes in their clients.

  • Median Pay: $forty five,510
  • Typical Education: Non-Degree Certificate
  • Occupational Outlook, 2018-2028: 8% (For broadcast and sound engineering technicians.)

eight. Art Director

Art administrators layout visible ideas for promotions and merchandise. They may fit in print, on-line, television, and other media. Depending on their enterprise, art administrators can also have formerly labored as photo designers, photographers, or illustrators. To prevail at this process, you need to be able to speak properly and control a crew of artists, in addition to having talent in applicable design software.

  • Median Pay: $ninety four,220
  • Typical Education: Bachelor's Degree
  • Occupational Outlook, 2018-2028: 1%

9. Content Strategist

The occupational outlook for editors is probably quite terrible – the career is expected to say no by three% over the following couple of years, in step with the Bureau of Labor Statistics—but that does not suggest that those abilities are out of call for. Tech-savvy editors who don't mind getting to know how to use Google Analytics and the fundamentals of search engine optimization can transition themselves from editorial management roles into this relatively new occupation, and earn an awesome residing doing it.

  • Median Pay: $135,900 (For advertising and promotions managers.)
  • Typical Education: Bachelor's Degree
  • Occupational Outlook, 2018-2028: eight% (For advertising, promotions, and advertising managers.)

10. Social Media Specialist

If you already spend most of it slow on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and so forth., the best news is that it would not ought to be a waste of time. If you're inclined to embody the strategic advertising aspect of social, you is probably in a position to show your ardour right into a career. Just be counseled: in addition to a bachelor's diploma and lots of social media understanding, this task requires tact and restraint. The internet in no way forgets.

  • Median Pay: $sixty one,150 (For public family members specialists.)
  • Typical Education: Bachelor's Degree
  • Occupational Outlook, 2018-2028: 6% (For public family members specialists.)
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The Bottom Line

You Can Still Get a Job in Media: While it’s real that newspapers and magazines are cutting group of workers positions, there are numerous thriving media jobs out of doors the newsroom.

Look for Growing Jobs That Use Your Skills: The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook gives insight into which profession paths are maximum viable.

Continuously Upskill Yourself: Success within the cutting-edge media landscape manner continually being inclined to learn something new.