Top 10 Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms

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Balancing paintings and own family is greater difficult now than ever, thanks to ever-increasing workdays and absence of packages to guide families (at the least, right here in the U.S.). Working from domestic can provide an answer for stay-at-home moms. Remote jobs offer the threat to earn money, avoid resume gaps and hold building a professional community even as permitting working mother and father to still spend first-rate time with their kids.

Of course, not all paintings-from-domestic jobs are created equal. The best gigs for live-at-domestic mothers combine flexibility, adequate pay, and job delight. Whether you’re a teacher or a tax preparer or a tech help expert, there’s some thing on this list for you.

Top 10 Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms

1. Accountant: Unlike tax preparers, accountants normally work yr-spherical, and their pay reflects that: PayScale’s records display a median annual profits of $50,322 for this profession. Accountants examine financial data, put together reviews, and keep facts. A bachelor’s degree is typically required for this job.

2. Actuary: Actuaries examine threat, typically for insurance groups, and they appear to have a brilliant time doing it—they commonly file excessive task pride. Actuaries additionally earn pinnacle salaries, with the best earners making upwards of $one hundred fifty,000 per year, in step with PayScale. (Median pay hovers round $85,000.) This career also boasts an excellent process outlook; the Bureau of Labor Statistics tasks that it will develop 22 percentage between 2016 and 2026.

3. Curriculum Developer: Former instructors who want to earn a great living whilst running from domestic would do properly to don't forget curriculum development for the subsequent degree in their careers. This task, which typically requires a grasp’s diploma and teaching enjoy, includes growing educational substances for school room use. The median annual revenue for this function is $58,701, according to PayScale information.

four. HR Recruiter: Experienced human assets recruiters can from time to time set up to do their jobs from home, thru the cellphone or video conferencing. This job pays an average annual salary of $47,760 and normally calls for knowledge of recruiting software and first-rate conversation talents. A diploma isn’t always required, however a few employers will supply preference to applicants with a bachelor’s diploma in human sources.

5. Nurse Case Manager: Registered nurses have a whole lot of alternatives for flexible jobs. They can work per diem in medical institution settings, pass element-time at medical doctors’ offices and clinics, or opt for the telecommuting path by means of becoming nurse case managers for insurance agencies or healthcare corporations. (Note: not all nurse case manager jobs are work-from-home jobs. When you’re job looking, test commercials cautiously to determine whether or not the function is faraway.) This task typically calls for a bachelor’s degree and enjoy and pays a median annual revenue of $69,876.

6. Tax Preparer: Tax preparers generally paintings long hours for the duration of tax season—more or less January thru April within the U.S.—after which have a lot of time without work during the rest of the yr. Contrary to popular belief, an accounting degree isn't always required for this position; preparers can also emerge as enrolled marketers by means of passing a complete IRS examination or work as a supervised preparer below an lawyer or CPA. Tax preparers made a median annual earnings of $36,550 in 2016, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

7. Tech Support Specialist: Educational requirements for this activity vary by way of enterprise; a few large software program businesses will insist on a bachelor’s degree, even as others will accept candidates with an companion diploma or some computer instructions. Regardless, tech aid specialists manifestly want two critical things: laptop expertise and a great deal of persistence coping with folks who’ve misplaced theirs a few hours ago. If you've got each of these things, you might be a perfect in shape for this process, which will pay a mean annual revenue of $49,307, per PayScale.

eight. Tutor: Another job for former teachers, tutors paintings with college students one-on-one to enhance their academic abilties. Tutors may go with college students in character or remotely thru video conferencing. This activity commonly will pay round $18 in line with hour and has the benefit of being very bendy—tutors can frequently modify their schedules as time lets in, operating more or less as wanted. 

nine. Virtual Assistant: This task calls for first-rate organizational, communication and people skills, as well as understanding of famous software program programs like Microsoft Office. However, the function does not usually require a degree, making it greater reachable to employees who've administrative revel in however no formal postsecondary education. Median hourly pay is $15.59, per PayScale. 

10. Web Developer: Jobs that rely on the net and mobile technologies are supremely adaptable to the paintings-from-domestic way of life. Web builders are absolutely in this camp. This task pays a median annual revenue of $58,340, in step with PayScale, and quite a few capability for task safety: the Bureau of Labor Statistics initiatives that the career will develop 13 percentage among 2016 and 2026—an awful lot faster than average. Best of all, this function doesn’t commonly require a four-yr diploma to get started. Many web builders have accomplice tiers, however capabilities by myself may be enough to get your foot within the door at many employers.

Writer/Editor: Former reporters, PR and advertising and marketing writers, and editors can regularly hold their careers going at the same time as working at home as a freelancer. These jobs pay median wages of around $48,000 to $50,000 according to year and offer a number of flexibility for running dad and mom. 

More Job Options

Working from home isn't always for anybody, and there are some jobs which are higher than others for operating dad and mom if you alternate your thoughts and need to get lower back into the staff. Here's recommendation on the way to discover a job after being a stay-at-home mom, and how to tell if the jobs you are considering will be family-friendly.