10 Of The Top Paying Tech Careers Right Now

Average base revenue: $a hundred and fifteen,944

An organisation architect regularly reviews directly to the leader records officer (CIO) and is liable for ensuring that the business uses right structures structure, in step with the cutting-edge to be had generation, to obtain its dreams.

Enterprise architects need to have an in-intensity know-how of diverse structures and the way they paintings together to serve a business enterprise's needs. They additionally have to be able to speak correctly with both technical developers and the highest stages of business management.

Software Development Manager

Two men looking at a computer graphic

Average Base Salary: $108,879

As the call implies, this position entails coping with software builders and initiatives.

Oftentimes candidates need to have preceding project management revel in​ due to the fact quite a few the obligations includes assignment planning, system manage, crew staffing, and extra.

Software Engineering Manager

QA manager drawing on a white board

Average Base Salary: $107,479

This supervisor is answerable for developing a well-coordinated team of software program engineers that may fast and effectively paintings on software program products. This consists of preserving present software and enforcing new software program.

Software engineering managers need to have programming revel in, software development enjoy, and those-control capabilities.

Software Architect

Software Architect

Average Base Salary: $a hundred and five,329

Software architects are commonly specialists—this is not entry-level work. They dictate the standards for software equipment, platforms, and coding practices, and make the crucial design selections.

They are a link between a enterprise’s on-the-floor tech unit and the non-technical management.

Software architects want better-stage technical method and imaginative and prescient and the potential to suppose and plan for the long term. The function requires revel in and strong communication capabilities.

Applications Development Engineer

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Average Base Salary: $104,048

Applications development engineers should realize various programming languages and working structures. They'll use source code to create software that is customized to a customer's wishes. 

Application development engineers may go in teams, on prototypes, and on trying out programs.

Solutions Architect

Solutions architects

Average Base Salary: $121,522

A solutions architect is accountable for identifying which technologies to apply. Job obligations can vary, however they paintings intently with others to ensure solutions and technology are well implemented.

They also do a whole lot of arms-on work with designing and engineering complex software and structures. They range from an agency architect in that they attention on delivering solutions whilst organisation architects aid them and make choices approximately the overall structures for the corporation.

Data Architect

Product Manager

Average Base Salary: $one hundred and one,900

A statistics architect works inside a enterprise and creates a blueprint plan of the company's data control structures. This man or woman analyzes all the records flowing from outside and internal resources and plans a device to guard, integrate, centralize, and maintain the structures and records. 

Systems Architect

IT Manager explaining ideas

Average Base Salary: $100,984

A systems architect designs, configures, operates, and maintains a organisation's networking and pc systems. This consists of everything from software program, hardware and internet portals to safety, firewalls, and intranet and net connections.

Systems architects have to possess solid programming, conceptualization, and organizational talents.​

Cloud Engineer

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Average Base Salary: $ninety six,449

A cloud engineer handles the making plans, design, managing, guide, and upkeep obligations for various kinds of cloud computing. The role can consist of varied roles for the cloud, which include architect, protection engineer, software program engineer, systems and community engineer. When businesses carry a cloud engineer on board, they're typically trying to enhance or installation cloud offerings or increase their cloud technology.

Data Scientist

Data scientist looking at graphs

Average Base Salary: $ninety six,116

Data technology is a growing discipline. Companies are actually collecting tons of information from users, and they want to research it and draw insights from it. The human beings responsible for this are records scientists.

Data scientists are not just seen at tech companies or startups. A variety of industries is now searching for facts science specialists.