Top 6 Resources for Keeping Your Tech Skills Current

Stay rewarding with these beneficial assets

The site gives a chain of martial-arts themed demanding situations known as “kata”. You whole kata to benefit honor and ranks. More honor and ranks mean greater difficult challenges, so there’s usually some thing new to work on. This alternative is first-rate when you have little free time to exercise.

Currently, they provide challenges in CoffeeScript, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Java, Clojure, Haskell, with greater at the way, which includes C++ and PHP.


Mozilla’s Webmaker mission is a part of the employer’s extra intention of instructing the sector on a way to develop for the Web. Their utilities are unfastened and the network is growing.

The nice way to hold your talents sharp the use of this tool is by way of operating on initiatives in Webmaker, or with the aid of organizing an educational session and coaching others basics in the network. Reviewing simple standards is a exquisite way to hold your talents sharp.


You may already realize what CodePen is - it’s a social coding platform that you can use to troubleshoot the front-cease projects. However, looking through CodePen is also a extremely good way to get idea for tasks via tweaking ideas which you like or by using attempting to mirror an concept in a specific way, and this is a beneficial talent that any coder must have.

Read, Read, Read!

It turned into true whilst you had been in basic college and it’s true now - the best way to preserve your skills sharp in the tech discipline is to examine everything - even though it’s stuff that has little to do together with your area presently. It’s an excellent possibility that it turns into part of your field at one time in the future.

A couple of places to start:

Volunteer Projects

This isn't always a web software or gamified platform like what some people anticipate to discover. Let’s be honest, the great manner to preserve your skills sharp isn’t usually going to be determined in a pre-programmed machine or a e-book. Volunteering to assist non-profit ventures with coding initiatives is a extremely good way to preserve your capabilities sharp.

You can venture yourself to create some thing superb that would go for your portfolio, and then likely turns into a paying process later.

Keep Pushing the Envelope

The great manner to keep your competencies sharp in any activity is to hold doing that process. Try to do some thing tough and it's going to advantage you in one way or any other, even if it doesn’t look wonderful or paintings the primary time. That just offers you a mission for next time, and don’t experience complacent in what works already to your role proper now.