Top Wealth Management Firms

These 10 corporations generate significant profits

UBS generates kind of $three.5 billion in pre-tax take advantage of wealth control activities exceptional of excellent items for unauthorized buying and selling losses. This represents over 1/2 of overall pre-tax earnings for the corporation as a whole.

UBS is understood for its aggressive fee and headcount-cutting, but these initiatives are geared toward paring again investment banking and securities trading in order to place an increased awareness and emphasis on wealth management.

UBS has a huge footprint amongst wealth control clients within the Americas with approximately 1/2 of all its wealth control assets coming from customers inside the western hemisphere. Around 10 percent of its belongings come from Swiss clients and about 25 percentage are from different Europeans.

Bank of America

Bank of America

Many people realize Bank of America as their friendly community Bank supplying senior citizens free checking.  Actually, Bank of America is the determine corporation of Merrill Lynch, and it is usually its U.S. Trust and Bank of America Private Wealth Management divisions in its phase reporting for Global Wealth and Investment Management. Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley are in close competition for the most important pressure of financial advisors in the U.S. marketplace with over 15,000 each, however Merrill Lynch has the most efficient monetary advisors. They average about $1 million in sales every.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo (called the Wells Fargo Private Bank) offers various wealth control and ranks 0.33 with over $2 billion in wealth management pre-tax profits. Its banking operations are so big that this represents below 10 percent of the corporate general. When Wells Fargo acquired the blessing of the FDIC to accumulate Wachovia's banking operation (in2008) it made Wells Fargo a prime national player in securities brokerage. 

Credit Suisse

Zurich Paradeplatz Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse leads the sector with reference to the percentage of total pre-tax income originating with wealth control—a strong seventy five percent. A primary player in personal banking as well as securities brokerage, Credit Suisse also has a different wealth management commercial enterprise.

JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase is an amalgamation of Banc One, Chase Bank, and the old-line Wall Street funding banking and wealth management organization J.P. Morgan & Co. It earns approximately $1.five billion in pre-tax earnings from wealth control sports, which money owed for round 6 percentage of the company overall.

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley is a major financial advisory firm.

Morgan Stanley's wealth control operations were greatly better in 2009 when Morgan Stanley and Citigroup introduced the merger of Smith Barney with Morgan Stanley's Global Wealth Management Group. Morgan Stanley paid $2.7 billion coins in advance to Citigroup for a fifty one percent stake within the joint mission. Morgan Stanley's wealth control division now contributes over 50 percent of total pre-tax income. In 2012, Morgan Stanley elevated its possession stake within the former Smith Barney to a hundred percent possession.


HSBC is a major global player.

HSBC is a worldwide banking giant that earns nearly $1 billion in pre-tax earnings from wealth management, but that represents simplest a modest five percent of its total earnings.

Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank is a global wealth management giant.

Deutsche Bank is a Frankfurt-primarily based bank that garners about 8 percent of its typical pre-tax income from wealth management, or simply under $500 million.


Headquartered in London, Barclays generates about $four hundred million in pre-tax profits from wealth control or round 7 percentage of its standard bottom line.

BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas, based in Paris, reports high client satisfaction.

The Wealth Management unit BNP Paribas is taken into consideration the top private financial institution in France and one of the excellent banks globally for philanthropic services.

The organization reviews nearly $300 million in pre-tax wealth management earnings for about 3 percentage of the business enterprise overall.