What Does a Travel Agent Do?

Learn About the Salary, Required Skills, & More


Travel retailers set up transportation, resorts, and leisure for business and person travelers after first assessing their wishes and dreams. Agents may also specialize by sort of tour, inclusive of enjoyment or commercial enterprise, or through destination. Travel retailers additionally sell travel programs on behalf of cruise lines, resorts, and uniqueness travel businesses.

Travel Agent Duties & Responsibilities

This process normally requires the capability to do the subsequent paintings:

  • Book tickets for tour
  • Book reservations for lodging
  • Handle deposits and bills for bookings
  • Stay within the customer’s finances
  • Review visas, vaccinations, and different journey requirements
  • Resolve troubles and emergencies
  • Maintain accurate information

The important responsibility for tour agents is to ebook all components of journey for his or her clients, from airline tickets to inn and automobile rental reservations, and extra. The task entails other details as well. Travel marketers generally will handle deposits and bills, and the payments they acquire from customers will cowl those expenses. This method journey retailers want to manage their money properly and be sure to stay inside the budgets of their customers.

Travel dealers also need to assist travelers in ensuring the whole lot important for journey is in order. This can consist of securing visas or arranging for vaccinations wherein they may be important.

Some travel sellers paintings for excursion destinations and use their enjoy to help promote travel applications to ability clients. Some work for organizations or different huge establishments that want to arrange common tour for his or her employees or other friends.

Travel Agent Salary

Salaries within the field can range greatly, and people who earn the very best salaries usually have spent years building a loyal base of customers.

  • Median Annual Salary: $38,700 ($18.60/hour)
  • Top 10% Annual Salary: $66,080 ($31.77/hour)
  • Bottom 10% Annual Salary: $22,370 ($10.seventy five/hour)

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018

Education, Training, & Certification

There are not any unique necessities to be a travel agent, but a bachelor’s diploma will open up greater activity opportunities, and certifications might make journey marketers extra marketable.

  • Education: While no unique degree is needed, those with bachelor’s ranges within the hospitality enterprise or a associated discipline may be more marketable. Most company jobs that contain coordinating tour require a bachelor’s degree for employment.
  • Certification: After getting enjoy in this discipline, there are famous certifications as a way to boom your chances of securing employment. The Travel Institute presents training and training that results in two certifications: Certified Travel Associate (CTA) and Certified Travel Counselor (CTC). Agents with at the least one year of enjoy inside the retail journey enterprise may additionally follow for the CTA designation. This may additionally involve finishing a 15-module curriculum, which covers ethics, patron wishes, planning itineraries, touring the world, and tour insurance. Alternatively, one may additionally take the examination with out finishing the coursework. The CTC designation permits individuals with at the least five years of revel in to prove they've the abilities important to be powerful managers. Candidates take a look at training and mentoring, conflict management, negotiating, mission management, and team constructing. Passing the CTA check is vital before taking the CTC examination. To hold CTC certification, 10 continuing schooling devices in line with 12 months have to be completed.

Travel Agent Skills & Competencies

Being a tour agent is each a income task and a customer support task. Agents want to serve the desires in their clients whilst working with companies—airlines, resorts, resorts, and more—to stable the high-quality deals for their customers. Soft competencies associated with both types of jobs are useful.

  • Customer provider capabilities: Travel dealers need to sell their fee to ability clients, then they want to be helpful and expert in meeting customers’ needs in order build their consumer base.
  • Problem-fixing abilties: Not all tour plans are straightforward, because of this travel marketers every so often want to be creative to satisfy customers’ wishes. As nicely, delays caused by weather and different unpredictable factors from time to time require dealers to make modifications on the fly.
  • Computer savvy: Much of the research and reserving is finished online, as is some of the conversation with locations, airlines, and extra.
  • Negotiating talents: Travel retailers who work with a number of the identical motels, resorts, or other journey locations on occasion can negotiate offers for his or her customers due to the quantity of vacationers they ship to the locations in query. Being capable of discover these offers whilst nonetheless meeting the needs of clients is an essential skill to have.

Job Outlook

Job possibilities for tour sellers are anticipated to say no with the aid of about 12% for the decade ending in 2026, consistent with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is appreciably worse than the 7% activity increase projected for all occupations at some point of the equal decade. The decline is attributed broadly speaking to the increase of journey web sites that permit people to extra effortlessly evaluate prices and ebook their personal trips.

Work Environment

The work environment for travel dealers can range depending on the specific nature of their paintings. Those working for large businesses or for larger corporations that want to e book a lot of journey commonly work in a regular office placing. Some independent tour agents might workout of their own homes.

Work Schedule

Travel dealers normally work full time, and hours follow an average commercial enterprise week. During busy journey times or if travel arrangements need to be changed or updated on brief notice, agents may need to paintings extra time.

How to Get the Job


Look for open positions on job portals consisting of Indeed, Monster, and Glassdoor.


Highlight your personal tour reviews in your resume and in interviews.

Comparing Similar Jobs

People inquisitive about operating as a tour agent additionally would possibly recollect one of the following profession paths, indexed with median annual salaries:

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018