Different Types of Letters With Examples

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Do you want to write down a letter for business, professional, or employment purposes? The content and format of the letter you write will depend upon the situations. You may additionally need to write down a letter or email message to use for a task or to touch a purchaser. Or possibly you need to send an appreciation letter, a commercial enterprise declaration, or a resignation or retirement letter.

Regardless of the purpose you're writing, it is essential to ship or e-mail properly-written correspondence that's carefully proofread and edited.

Not sure what to write or how to get started? See a list of forms of letters, in addition to examples of each. Also review a listing of elements to consist of in any commercial enterprise letter or electronic mail.

What to Include in a Business Letter or Email

In a few times, what you encompass, how you write the correspondence, and the format of the letter will range. However, a primary expert letter will consist of the subsequent:

  • Subject line: If you're sending an email, include a clear concern line that concisely explains the reason of your email. For example, it might examine, "Subject: Congratulations on Your Promotion."
  • Contact information: Include all of your touch data — complete call, cope with, phone variety, and e-mail cope with. That manner, it is clean for the man or woman you are contacting to reply to you. In a letter, you'll encompass this records on the top of the page (you may then observe this data with the date, and the touch statistics of the person to whom you are writing). In an electronic mail, you'll consist of this records to your email signature, beneath your name.
  • Greeting: Include a salutation on the start of your letter. Make positive you use the appropriate name and name for the man or woman.
  • A quick advent: After your salutation, encompass a short introduction. This would possibly consist of a short, “I hope you're well,” or some different friendly introductory word. Then, dive right into explaining why you are writing.
  • The primary purpose of your letter: The foremost part of your letter will consciousness to your reason for writing. When writing the letter, be concise. Two or three paragraphs are plenty.

Your letter shouldn't be longer than one page. If it's miles an electronic mail, it should be even shorter.

  • If you have got additional statistics to share with the reader, offer to talk about it during a name or offer an attachment or enclosure with the details.
  • Closing: End your letter with a expert last that conveys your thank you and appreciate. Closings like “Sincerely,” “Best,” and “Regards” work nicely.
  • Signature: If you are mailing a difficult reproduction of the letter, encompass your handwritten signature above your typed call. If you're emailing the letter, just include your typed call.

How to Use Letter Examples

It is a good idea to check letter and e mail examples before writing your very own. Examples will let you see what type of content you should consist of in your letter. They also can assist you with the format and format of your letter.

While examples, templates, and tips are a first rate start line for your letter, you must always be flexible.

Do make sure to take some time to personalize your letter or electronic mail message, so it reflects the particular purpose why you're writing.

Business Email Message Sample

Review a pattern e mail message written as a comply with-as much as a assembly.

Email Business Letter Example

Subject: Thank You For Meeting With Me

Dear Mr. Markham,  

I favored you taking the time to talk with me nowadays approximately ABC News Company, and the ever-converting media international. As I approach my commencement date from XYZ Journalism School, I'm full of questions on the roles available in media. Your insights received out of your career within the industry, as well as your angle on ABC News Company's five-year plan, had been enormously useful. 

I became in particular struck by means of your ideas on lengthy-form journalism, together with the help (and issues) that social media can provide investigative journalists. You've given me a whole lot to reflect onconsideration on as I embark on my activity seek. And, I'm so appreciative in your actionable recommendation approximately my writing portfolio — it was so kind of you to actually dig in and share your thoughts for a way to shape it. 

I look forward to staying in touch, and will allow you to understand how my task seek progresses. I desire you will hold me in thoughts if any roles open up at ABC New Company, too. Thank you once more for taking the time to meet today, and in your thoughtful notes on my portfolio. 


James Fitzpatrick
Email Address
Phone Number
LinkedIn URL (non-obligatory)

Types of Letters With Examples

Review this listing of a number of letters and electronic mail messages with examples of each, consisting of appreciation letters, cowl letters, task application letters, worker letters, reference and referral letters, thanks letters, and greater.

Use the samples as a starting point on your own letters, then customize your letters in order that they suit your personal and professional instances and motives for writing. 

Business Letters

A enterprise letter is professional correspondence. That manner it follows a set format and a professional, formal tone. You'll use this layout regularly for the duration of your job search, from cover letters to thank you notes. 

Employee Letters

Even if you have a process, you'll still need to write professional correspondence. This is a piece specific from day-to-day emails regarding paintings-related problems and communications. In this kind of correspondence, you may possibly need to be a chunk greater formal and maintain your language — and letter format — strictly expert. 

Informational Letters

Sometimes you may want to correspond with humans to let them recognize approximately a exchange in your existence, such as a name change or a new workplace location. Here are examples of how to percentage which you've modified your call with colleagues and co-workers: 

Job Applicant Letters From an Employer

If you're concerned in hiring, you will must correspond with task candidates. Sometimes this can be with correct news, which includes scheduling an interview or creating a activity provide. Other correspondence can also require sharing less tremendous information. 

Job Interview Letters for Job Seekers

As properly as sending a thank you be aware after an interview, you can additionally need to ship a observe-up letter to discover if the employer is near making a hiring selection. Or, if you pass over the interview absolutely, you will want to send an apology.  

Job Offer Letters

It's amazing news, of course, to get a process provide. But in a few conditions, you may simply decide to reject the job. Or, you can need to make a counter provide. Review those letters to peer the excellent manner to reply to a task provide, whether you take the task, declining it, or want to attempt to modify the reimbursement bundle. 

Job Search and Networking Letters

The task seek method is full of moments while you may need to send a letter. You can also want, for instance, to reach out for your community for help making connections. And, of course, as you follow for roles, you'll need to put in writing software or cowl letters to accompany your resume. 

Recommendation and Referral Letters

Both activity candidates and those applying for admission in university or graduate college may also discover themselves in need of a advice or reference letter. These letters, which can be from teachers, work supervisors, colleagues, or private connections, offer insight into an applicant's enjoy, individual, and personality tendencies. If you haven't written this form of letter earlier than, take a look at samples to see what data to include. 

Resignation and Retirement Letters

You can percentage information of a new position, or your retirement, through a letter. You may also need to send one word to colleagues, and a exceptional one to clients. 

Thank You, Appreciation, and Congratulation Letters

If someone allows you throughout your task seek or with a large on-the-process challenge, it is considerate to renowned this prefer in a thanks letter. You also can use letters to ship your congratulations to colleagues as they've foremost accomplishments, like touchdown a deal or getting promoted. 

Review Letter Writing Guidelines

Review these suggestions for writing letters and e mail messages in an effort to get examine earlier than you start your letter.