Air Force Officer Job: 13BX Air Battle Manager

US Air Force Commissioned Officer Job Descriptions

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An Air Force Air Battle Manager has a totally essential role in the service, using strategy, revel in, and a understanding of aircraft and guns to "control the final results of an air warfare," in keeping with the Air Force.

It's a traumatic job that requires the character be able to hold composure in demanding conditions whilst acting with self belief and decisiveness.

This process is separated into 3 codes:

  • AFSC 13B4, Staff
  • AFSC 13B3, Qualified
  • AFSC 13B1, Entry

Specialty Summary

This specialty consists of the following number one duties:

  • Performs and manages air struggle supervisor (ABM) operations capabilities and sports
  • Effects manipulate of assigned forces
  • Plans, organizes, and directs operations, consisting of airspace management, directs plane engaging in air defense and tactical missions, coalition integration, sensor device control, operations management activities, and statistics hyperlink operations
  • Supervises task team sports, and zone and nearby operations manage centers.
  • Provides group of workers supervision and technical recommendation
  • Supports the planning, programming, and budgeting method for command and manipulate (C2) and war control functions (associated DoD Occupational Group: 2G)

Additional Responsibilities

In addition to the aforementioned responsibilities, an air conflict supervisor has other duties which might be crucial to the job.

For instance, an ABM have to direct employees and manage operations. They also pick and employ surveillance, combat, reporting, and records link management systems as a way to provide aircrews the nice threat to prevail on the battlefield.

ABMs must acquire a directive, interpret it to create a selected steerage, and then create procedures in order to manual controllers. The ABM have to evaluate the operational readiness of communications, sensors and related aid gadget, all whilst handling operations personnel who're appearing air guns manipulate and surveillance. And they should draft a pressure reputation file to advocate the commander at the readiness of forces.

ABMs are involved in plenty of planning and improvement of guidelines and tactics. These guidelines are important to making sure aircrews are as powerful as they may be on the battlefield. ABMs additionally increase finances inputs to ensure they have got the sources they need, and that they plan and behavior sporting activities to assess how operationally equipped crews are. An ABM also develops and implements operational procedures and control agreements with sister services, allied forces, and even civil authorities to make sure the whole lot runs easily.

ABMs ought to also be worried in schooling operators. which means growing formal curriculum and developing education plans to fulfill challenge needs. They have to also establish overall performance requirements and approaches for enhancing operations.

ABMs also get into warfare control structure, because of this writing technical necessities and equipment specifications, as well as evaluation on things just like the ultimate sitting of ground gadgets and positioning of airborne property. The ABM ought to then collect all the information accrued and use it to improve operational effectiveness.

Specialty Qualifications

The following know-how is mandatory for award of the AFSC (Air Force Specialty Code) indicated:

  • 13B3X. Organization, undertaking, and concepts of operations deployment; directives, procedures, and strategies to manage and operate airborne and floor C2 structures, theater, or scope of operations system, and operational regulations of weapons and systems employment; strategic, theater, and tactical C2 (command and manipulate) and communications systems; boundaries and talents of manual and automated C2 structures; C2 reporting; planned and contingency making plans; principles of radar and Electronic Attack and Electronic Protection; the air defense business enterprise of North American Aerospace Defense (NORAD) and Theater Air Control Systems.
  • 13B3B/C/D/K/L/U. Weapons control, airspace, and information link control, task crew commander features, or C2 operations help of airborne struggle management platforms; air chance evaluation; allocation, distribution, and positioning of air guns systems; air manage methods, procedures, and strategies; radar, radio, and facts hyperlink abilities; plane performance characteristics and armament; radio and telephone techniques and phraseology; meteorology; electronic combat operations and techniques; sensor device control, boundaries, and operations; fighter procedures and forces management; operating techniques and relationship among air, floor, and naval forces and effective use in their mixed sources; surveillance and statistics management activities; surveillance situation evaluation; detection, tracking, reporting, display, and dissemination of air scenario and tactical danger information; and management, interoperability, and integration of command, manage, communications, computer systems, and intelligence (C4I).

Education. Candidates should have an undergraduate academic specialization in a technical subject with courses in management and control.

Training. The following education is mandatory:

  1. For the award of AFSC 13B1X, final touch of Air Force Undergraduate ABM Training (UAT)
  2. For the award of AFSC 13B3X, finishing touch of transition and operational education within the suffix unique plane of the device

Experience. The following is obligatory for award of the AFSC indicated:

13B3B/C/D/K/L/U. A minimum of twelve months of experience in a guns assignment or air surveillance position and certification as fight or assignment prepared, along with experience in organizing, directing, and managing operations and associated activities of assigned C2 systems.

Other. Candidates have to have physical qualification for a Flying Class III physical in step with AFI 48-123, Medical Examination and Standards. Also, for the award of 13B1U, the candidate should have earlier qualification as a 13B3B/K/L.

Specialty Shredouts

C—Air Defense
D—Mobile Air Control