United States Air Force Commissioned Officer Job Descriptions


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AFSC 71S4, Staff
AFSC 71S3, Qualified
AFSC 71S1, Entry

Specialty Summary

Manages and conducts unique investigations, to encompass crook, fraud, counterintelligence, inner protection, and technical services investigations, and different associated sports. Related DoD Occupational Group: 3C.

Duties and Responsibilities

Formulates special investigations policy governing investigative and related applications in counterintelligence, crook, fraud, and technical offerings regions. Establishes investigative workloads based totally on complexity of instances and functionality of units and assigned unique dealers. Determines requirements for centers, material, and employees, to consist of workplace area, communications, offerings, elements, cars, price range necessities, and investigative system. Determines requirements for army and civilian sellers and administrative guide based totally on workload or unit investigative region. Establishes organization, area, and operational strategies, along with price range, logistical, and technical help for Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) devices. Establishes approaches for operational manipulate and dissemination of investigative reviews and unique research. Develops requirements to assess overall performance of investigative personnel and activities. Establishes education programs for AFOSI, DoD corporations, and overseas allied employees.

Coordinates unique investigation activities. Serves as consultant on committees and boards. Conducts joint investigations and operations with businesses which include, protecting offerings to the USA State Department and the Secret Service for the President, First Family, and different excessive-level United States and overseas dignitaries. Conducts operational coordination with counterintelligence, investigative, and law enforcement organizations. Provides facts, formal studies, or reviews to USAF commanders and Air Staff officials on tendencies and styles of irregularities, weaknesses, and offenses within the counterintelligence, crook, fraud, and technical offerings place.

Monitors and directs unique investigations sports. Prepares instructions and methods for use in investigations of complicated or touchy nature. Analyzes and disseminates data of counterintelligence, crook, fraud, internal security, and technical offerings nature to USAF commanders and other federal, DoD, kingdom, and neighborhood agencies. Provides counterintelligence guide to Air Force participation in international hands manipulate treaties. Manages counterintelligence, crook, and fraud intelligence data series systems. Prepares price range estimates primarily based on workloads, unique necessities for investigative features, and forecasts of destiny desires. Inspects special investigative sports to decide management effectiveness and status of members of the family with USAF command officers and federal, DoD, country, and neighborhood businesses.

Specialty Qualifications

Knowledge is obligatory of: special investigative policy, processes, and strategies regarding criminal, fraud, counterintelligence, personnel historical past, and technical safety services.

For entry into this uniqueness, undergraduate academic specialization or diploma is suitable in criminology, police, public or business management, administration of justice, accounting, enterprise or criminal law, comparative government, vicinity research, standard management, political concept, or behavioral or social psychology.

For award of AFSC 71S3, final touch of the special investigators' route on the Air Force Special Investigations Academy is obligatory.

For award of AFSC 71S3, experience is obligatory acting, supervising, or directing features in criminal, fraud, counterintelligence, technical offerings, policy components, or devising processes to put in force special investigations.

The following are obligatory for access, award, and retention of those AFSCs:

Favorable background investigation and certification by using Commander of AFOSI.

Qualification to endure firearms in keeping with AFI 31-207, Arming and Use of Force by way of Air Force Personnel.

Specialty Shredouts:

  • None