What Does a Project Manager Do?

Learn About the Salary, Required Skills, & More


The position of a venture manager is wide-ranging. A mission supervisor assumes full responsibility for effectively beginning, designing, planning, controlling, executing, monitoring, and remaining a task. These experts paintings in a huge variety of industries, despite the fact that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics classifies this sort of manager as a production position.

Approximately 471,800 challenge managers worked inside the construction industry in 2018.

Project Manager Duties & Responsibilities

Many elements of this function in a enterprise are the identical, regardless of the project supervisor's subject:

Many elements of this function in a business enterprise are the equal, regardless of the task manager's discipline:

  • Develop the large idea: Project managers are anticipated to pick out up an concept and flip it into an executable mission plan.
  • Organize the project obligations: You’ll paintings along with your crew to determine out precisely what needs to be accomplished to bring the mission to fruition.
  • Assemble the group: You'll put together a team that can assist deliver the mission concept into truth.
  • Engaging stakeholders: Stakeholder engagement method running with the humans laid low with the challenge to ensure that they understand the approaching changes and the way the adjustments will effect them.
  • Managing the cash: Projects value money, and a project manager ought to be able to put together a project finances, dealing with how the money is spent and controlling fees.
  • Lead the group: You might be required to instruct, educate, mentor, and expand the folks who work at the task. Leading the team entails setting up and dealing with collaboration at the crew.
  • Manage the handover: Project managers are predicted to provide a clear and entire handover to the crew who will manage the challenge going forward or can be running with the output that the project team introduced.

Project Manager Salary

Pay degrees can vary notably by means of enterprise, but creation has a tendency to pay very well.

  • Median Annual Salary: $95,260
  • Top 10% Annual Salary: More than $164,790
  • Bottom 10% Annual Salary: Less than $fifty six,one hundred forty

Education, Training, & Certification

This is one of these occupations in which you will get in addition with training and particular training, however the door isn't always always closed to you without an education and certification.

  • Education: Earning as a minimum an accomplice degree, or more ideally a bachelor's diploma, is becoming increasingly essential within the creation enterprise. More and extra corporations are setting substantial importance on specialized education. Narrow your principal all the way down to one it is appropriate to your subject.
  • Experience: Some stage of revel in inside the field in which you need to paintings as a project supervisor can also be crucial. Many assignment managers start their careers as assistants and paintings their way up.
  • Certification: Not all industries require certification, and now not all actually have certification requirements. Look into the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) in case you're considering construction certification. The CMAA certifies workers with experience once they pass an examination. The American Institute of Constructors also gives a certification software.

Project Manager Skills & Competencies

A task supervisor is via definition a pacesetter, and so a few middle leadership abilties can be useful, no longer only in touchdown a process but in producing incredible paintings.

  • Leadership skills: You’ll be in fee of severa folks who satisfy diverse roles on your assignment group. Successfully main a crew way negotiating the demanding situations of disagreements and conflict, and being on pinnacle of communications at all times. You'll need to motivate your group to do a amazing task.
  • An capability to assume in advance: A mission is a dwelling factor, ever evolving on its manner towards completion. It may be as vital to plot for what might appear later as it's miles to manage what is going on now.
  • Money management abilities: This can start with a simple aptitude for math, but information the way to finance a large endeavor from salaries to resources to surprising cash emergencies can be essential.
  • Writing abilties: A project ought to be documented from start to finish, in clear, concise language.

Job Outlook

Where there are tasks, there could be jobs, and wherein there are industries, there may be tasks. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that employment of construction challenge managers is probably to grow with the aid of 10% from 2018 thru 2028. Those with bachelor's tiers may be more in call for for this position.

Construction careers may be heavily dependent on the financial system, but the BLS expects that the retirement of present employees will hold career opportunities in this area exceedingly consistent.

Work Environment

Project managers tend to be office-bound, even in the production industry—and despite the fact that that office may be a trailer at a construction web site. But in addition they have a tendency to be palms-on across industries, normally found where the action is at crucial points of development. Travel may be required.

Work Schedule

This is nearly perpetually a complete-time role, however meeting closing dates and emergencies alongside the way can require overtime, every now and then all of sudden. About one-1/3 of assignment managers inside the construction industry work greater than forty hours every week.

Comparing Similar Jobs

Some similar careers may offer associated experience.