Interview Question: "What Challenges Are You Looking For in Position?"

Job interview

normal interview question that’s requested to determine what you are looking for to your next activity, and whether or not you would be a good in shape for the location, is, “What demanding situations are you seeking out in a position?”

This query can be a manner to show how you're certified for the task. You can also use it to demonstrate which you are stimulated with the aid of challenges and may take care of hard tasks.

It's usually a good concept to have examples prepared to proportion with the interviewer of ways you have treated tough situations at paintings.

Get recommendation for what to mention—and what now not to say—to your response to this query.

What the Interviewer Wants to Know

Your solution to this query will assist provide interviewers a sense of what form of employee you'll be: Are you a clock watcher, or a person trying to grow your capabilities and tackle new obligations? 

This question enables interviewers get a experience of what motivates you beyond salary and the need for employment. 

Plus, it is also an awesome way for interviewers to assess how you'd in shape in on the business enterprise. For example, if one of the demanding situations you are seeking to take on is leading a crew, and you're making use of for an access-level role, interviewers might be able to know that your pursuits outstrip the function's opportunities.

How to Answer Questions About Challenges

Demonstrate Your Skills

An effective way to reply a query approximately the demanding situations you're in search of is to talk about the way you would love to be able to utilize your capabilities and revel in effectively if you have been hired for the job. 

This question can be a great way to factor out precise talents and features that you possess.

For instance, you may say, “I currently were given my certificate in 2021, and I look forward to making use of the ones capabilities,” or “I've been polishing my presentation abilties, and I sit up for crafting compelling ones in your branch.” 

Express Motivation

You also can point out which you are prompted by means of challenges, have the capability to effectively meet challenges, and feature the flexibility and competencies essential to deal with a tough activity. For instance, you might say, “I'm inspired whilst there may be a tough cut-off date. I dive proper in so the job is carried out with time to spare to shine the assignment.” 

This solution demonstrates your organizational and time control skills. It also shows the agency that you may deal with tight time limits.

Connect Your Answer to the Job

Whether you operate your solution to demonstrate your capabilities or to express that you are stimulated through challenges, join your solution to the requirements of the task. Focus at the types of challenges that you'll be given at the process and exhibit your potential to deal with them nicely.

To assist prepare an answer to this question, appearance returned on the task listing and spotlight abilities and experiences that are necessary for the placement.

In your answer, attention on those competencies which you are maximum obsessed with and/or have the most experience with.

Share Examples

You can keep by describing particular examples of challenges you've got met and goals you have got completed within the beyond. For example, after announcing you are motivated through a difficult deadline, you can provide an example of whilst you used your time management competencies to finish a undertaking ahead of agenda.

Examples of the Best Answers

Example Answer

In my closing job, I took on many additional duties over time, such as editing organisation web pages on the office’s content material control device. I sit up for the use of my web modifying and publishing abilties on this role.

Why It Works: This reaction suggests interviewers each that the candidate takes on challenges and that the candidate has key skills so as to be beneficial inside the position at hand. 

Example Answer

I realize your employer emphasizes putting excessive desires for each crew, and I look forward to being part of a team that goals high. I actually have quite a few revel in with teamwork and operating on large projects with tight cut-off dates. My potential to paintings well in a group, and to control my time, will make me a sturdy team member in this environment.

Why It Works: This response suggests the candidate's interest in being challenged and responding to massive goals. It additionally exhibits that the candidate has an cognizance of the organization subculture, which suggests they have got finished their homework. 

Example Answer

I thrive at the project of working on multiple tasks simultaneously. At my closing job, I frequently juggled up to three tasks at a time, many with overlapping time limits. I never neglected a closing date. I do some of my fine work when I am able to manage multiple duties at once.

Why It Works: This solution well-knownshows the candidate's work style, and points out some of their hard-running traits. This might be a extremely good reaction for a fast-confronted position; for a more low-key surroundings, this reaction is much less fine for the candidate. 

Example Answer

I know the position calls for addressing patron problems, and I am stimulated to make certain that our customers have all in their troubles resolved. I have had achievement with customer support: I crammed in on the customer support complaint desk for six months once they had been having a high extent of calls, and an employee became on leave. During that point, I received ninety eight% fantastic purchaser rankings.

Why It Works: In this response, the candidate draws a connection among a talent they possess and one this is needed within the role. 

Tips for Giving the Best Answer

  • Show off your motivation. One of the reasons employers ask this query is to try to parent out what makes you tick. Go ahead and proportion what motivates you to your reaction. 
  • Give examples. Use this as an possibility to proportion demanding situations you've got taken on within the beyond. You can also mention particular challenges you're presently taking on (think: getting a brand new certification or taking a professional improvement magnificence) or ones you're interested by pursuing within the destiny. 
  • Stay relevant. It's for your advantage to in shape your solution to the enterprise expectancies and the enterprise to hand. That is, if you're applying for a role at a corporation that prioritizes paintings-lifestyles balance, you may provide a one of a kind response than in case you're applying for a job in an enterprise wherein 70-hour workweeks are commonplace. 

What Not to Say

  • Don't be bad. This might also appear obvious, however you don't need to say that you don't welcome demanding situations or are not searching out a challenge. Keep it high-quality! 
  • Don't be off-base. Tailor your answer to the function and its responsibilities. Remember, this query is helping interviewers decide if you're an excellent match. If you're searching out demanding situations which can be outdoor of the function's scope, it is able to make interviewers hesitant to hire you.

Possible Follow-Up Questions

Key Takeaways

  • It's very effective to offer examples of challenges you'd faced in past roles—or ones you are looking ahead to in this function. 
  • It can be useful to reply this question in terms of what motivates you, or by way of highlighting competencies you have (or capabilities you're looking to study). 
  • Keep your solution focused at the desires of the role to hand.