How Employers Use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Managers reviewing online job applications

Modern applicant monitoring systems (ATS) can help entire hiring teams control every element of hiring and recruiting. Many employers rely heavily on an ATS, additionally referred to as a skills management machine, to adminstrate their hiring system. The records in the database is used to screen candidates, take a look at applicants, agenda interviews, manipulate the hiring method, test references, and complete new-hire paperwork.

How Applicant Tracking Systems Work

When applicants observe for a activity on-line, their touch statistics, enjoy, academic heritage, resume, and cover letter are uploaded into the database. The statistics can then be transferred from one thing of the device to another as applicants flow through the hiring method.

The machine allows agency recruiters to study the applications, send candidates automated messages letting them realize their packages had been acquired, and supply online exams. Hiring managers can agenda interviews and mail rejection letters through the ATS. Finally, human resources employees can use the same facts to put individuals at the payroll once they are employed. These included systems streamline the recruiting, software, and hiring technique for employers.

Streamlining the Process

Using an ATS saves both money and time. Information from applicants is uploaded and prepared in a database, making it easily available and searchable for human resources professionals. Because the statistics is gathered and mechanically organized digitally, groups do now not ought to pay for extra time to type and file paper packages.

Some structures can also keep activity applicants time. Many employers use structures that permit job applicants to upload their crucial facts, paintings histories, education, and references directly from their profiles on web sites which include LinkedIn or Indeed. While activity candidates want to personalize their application materials for distinctive positions, being able to bypass the tedious technique of retyping this facts for every software is a valuable time saver.

Tracking the Process

Applicant tracking systems allow groups to song where applicants located the task posting, whether or not on a job board, directly from a enterprise website, via a referral, or from another source. This may be important statistics that permits employers to recognition their recruiting on the areas in which the records shows they have the most achievement while reducing or casting off efforts in areas that show little results.


However useful an applicant tracking device can be, there are often drawbacks employers need to keep in mind. Systems are designed to look for precise key phrases and forms of backgrounds for marketed positions, meaning accurate candidates who're switching careers may slip via the cracks of the system not noted.

There additionally may be technical troubles. Some structures will remove candidates if they can not interpret a scanned resume properly. This can occur if a resume seems barely one of a kind than what the system is programmed to recognize, or if the resume is extra complicated than it may interpret.

Tips for Candidates

If you’re making use of for a task via an online form, expect that your resume is entering an applicant tracking gadget. To boom your probabilities of creating it via the ATS and to a recruiter’s inbox, optimize your software within the following methods:

  • Follow commands: Perhaps the most important aspect you may do to make certain your resume makes it to a man or women is to follow instructions exactly as supplied. That approach consisting of the right files (resume, cover letter, work samples, and so forth.) and the right record type (don’t ship a PDF if the commands specially ask for a Word document).
  • Use key phrases: Keywords are terms that relate to activity requirements. To ensure that your resume is filtered effectively, use the exact key phrases from the activity commercial. For instance, if the task description calls for a person with experience in Microsoft Word, don’t positioned Microsoft Office. A human can study that descriptor and recognize that it consists of Word, in addition to different applications, but a bot might miss it because you failed to point out the precise key-word. 
  • Don’t get fancy: Now isn't always the time to your infographic resume. Even a PDF is probably too slick for the machine. Follow the instructions and ship the exact report kind designated. Choose a popular resume layout and font. Align your text to the left and set 1-inch margins. Remember, you need to get through the ATS earlier than you can impress a hiring supervisor. If your formatting picks confuse the ATS, the utility might not get through to them within the first location.