The Meaning of WIIFM in Sales

four business people having a sales meeting

Experienced salespeople will frequently joke, “Everyone's preferred radio station is WII-FM.” They're relating to the acronym WIIFM: "What's in it for me?" And no, this does not mean you, the salesperson. It way your prospect or capability client. 

Use WIIFM to Your Advantage 

Your income prospect's wishes must be at the top of your thoughts as you make your pitch. Every prospect you method will do not forget your pitch from the factor of WIIFM. That's why it's so vital to speak about the advantages rather than the features of what you are selling – actually inform him what's in it for him.

Prospects don't care which you want to shut as a minimum 3 greater sales this month, or which you're shooting for a large win earlier than you leave on excursion. And why ought to they? Neither of those things benefits them. Your prospect wants to pay attention about what she or he stands to gain by means of shopping for your merchandise, and it have to be something pretty massive if you want him to move speedy. This is why benefits outsell features so dramatically.

The Benefits of a Purchase 

Benefits are particular examples of what the chance stands to benefit if he buys from you. As a result, they attraction immediately to the WIIFM mindset. Features, alternatively, are specific statistics about a product. They don't explain how the product will enhance your prospect's lifestyles.

Let's say you're selling vehicles. If you tell a prospect that a selected model hurries up from 0 to 60 mph in 7.four seconds, it truly is a function. It's first-class to realize, however it does not do a great deal to influence him to join up the dotted line. But in case you tell the chance that the car's high acceleration permits him to soundly merge onto the expressway, that is a advantage. You are telling the prospect WIIFM.

Or let's assume your prospect is an older lady, nearing retirement age, who is not as worried with acceleration as she is with reliability and her put up-retirement price range. She's lukewarm due to the fact despite the fact that she really wants a new automobile, she doesn't need to need to fear approximately a automobile fee whilst she punches that time clock for the ultimate time in a few years.

You can cross on and on approximately the car's functions, or you could point out that if she buys now, the car will maximum probably be paid off, or close to it, by the point she retires. Wouldn't she as an alternative have a vehicle charge now instead of then?

As for his paid-off trade-in, it has ninety,000 miles on it. You would possibly mention that in all chance, it's no longer going to get him through her retirement with out primary pricey and sudden maintenance. That's what is in it for her. 

The So-What Factor 

Another vital thing to preserve in thoughts is that one prospect's gain is some other prospect's "so what?" Not each person has the equal needs. They don't cost the identical things similarly. WIIFM additionally implies which you have to take the time to understand what the possibility is searching out and in which he's coming from. Then fit the blessings you select to talk about the ones needs.