Where to Find Legitimate Micro Jobs

One of the original micro task employers, Amazon’s Mechanical Turk lists human intelligence responsibilities (HITs) that remote workers select and entire for a fee that's set with the aid of the requester. Available duties consist of photograph and video processing, statistics verification and cleanup, facts collecting, statistics processing, and more. 


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Appen is a translation and language answers corporation that still gives remote micro jobs, which it calls "crowdsourcing." Projects are all executed using a computer and range from transcribing audio to person experience research to content evaluation.


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Clickworker uses a crowdsourcing platform to distribute obligations to far off freelance employees. Tasks can be achieved from a laptop or cellular device, and encompass information categorization, replica enhancing, proofreading, internet studies, taking surveys, and greater. 


Working from home

Workers on ySense (previously referred to as ClixSense) are assigned simple responsibilities to finish on line, alongside with instructions. These obligations can include performing Google searches, categorizing pictures, and greater.


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Users can down load the EasyShift app on their mobile device and entire at-home or area-primarily based "shifts." Most of the shifts include taking pics of objects in shops for consumer brands trying to track their products, and the turnaround time is generally 24 hours. 

Figure Eight

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Formerly known as CrowdFlower, Figure Eight says its assignment is "empowering records scientists to educate, take a look at, and track their gadget mastering for a human global." Its faraway participants choose initiatives from a mission wall it truly is often updated. Some examples of the tasks include categorization of social media posts, content material moderation, and audio transcription.


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Sign up as a "Seller" on Fiverr and turn out to be a part of its community of freelancers who provide on-call for offerings consisting of image layout, virtual marketing, writing, translation, video manufacturing, voiceover artistry, programming, and more. The consumers are generally entrepreneurs and small corporations that want assist building and developing their corporations.

Field Agent

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Agents down load the mobile app, pick a task it truly is near them, after which whole it within two hours. Jobs would possibly include charge and show assessments of merchandise at shops, thriller purchasing, verification of commercial enterprise places, and surveys.


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To turn out to be a Gigwalker, down load the mobile app and practice to gigs in your location that healthy your abilties and interest. Most gigs contain verifying that merchandise are displayed and priced successfully at retailers or that advertising events are performed appropriately and on-time.

​Quicktate and iDictate

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Transcribe audio files which might be beneath five minutes each with Quicktate, or transcribe longer audio documents with iDictate; they're both a part of the equal business enterprise. Medical transcription jobs pay extra than widespread ones. 


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Scribie is every other audio transcription service. Transcribers work remotely on documents which might be 6 mins or less with a 2-hour turnaround time.


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Writers, videographers, designers, and photographers can be a part of Skyword's pool of content material creators and add a portfolio of work. You need to be usual into a channel before you can declare assignments or post ideas. Pay fees are determined through channel proprietors.

The Smart Crowd

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Formerly VirtualBee, The Smart Crowd from Lionbridge asks capability employees to sign on, answer questions, and take opinions to determine their skill units. The organisation contacts you while work is to be had; you take delivery of the assignments that you want, and whole them on line. Tasks encompass data studies, records access, trying out, and greater. 


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The majority of this popular task web page’s gigs are in-character activities which includes making deliveries, cleansing, and bizarre jobs. TaskRabbit has a much extra enormous utility manner than other micro jobs (which normally have little or no), however the jobs pay extra.


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TryMYUI testers check out web sites the use of a screen recorder and offer comments on their reviews. Each test, which lasts approximately 20 mins, can pay a flat price of $10. Jobs are made available to testers based totally on their demographics, and they are able to expect to get a few assignments according to week.

User Testing

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Similar to TryMYUI, testers for User Testing are paid $10 to spend 10 to twenty mins navigating a website and supply remarks the use of a screen and voice recorder. Job availability is based totally on the demographics of the tester.