12 Worst Jobs in America

Car assembly plant

Which are the worst jobs to work at? The answer, as with great jobs lists, is that it depends. What would possibly sound like a terrible task to at least one character may not appear so awful to a person else. Everyone has a unique experience, however in popular, there are a few occupations with a high risk of injuries, jobs with low pay and others with a declining variety of jobs.

There are factors except the job obligations to don't forget while you’re evaluating occupations.

What Makes Some Jobs The Worst Jobs in America

Some jobs don’t pay properly. There also are jobs in which the projected hiring of new personnel is expected to decline. Health and safety are also factors to bear in mind. Some occupations are a whole lot extra stressful than others.

The chance of getting hurt or maybe killed is much better in occupations certain as risky. A excessive-stress job mixed with low pay or a bad safety score isn’t an awesome choice for most human beings.

There are some industries where the job outlook is worse than others and salary growth is low. Everyone’s revel in differs, of course, but these are some of the roles you may no longer want to bear in mind in case you’re exploring career alternatives or a change to your profession direction.

Here’s a listing of a number of the worst jobs inside the United States, in alphabetical order, based totally on salary, benefits, task possibilities, and worker fitness and protection concerns.

Assembly Worker

Assembly employees match the components of a product or phase of a product collectively the use of equipment, machines, and arms. 

Factors Impacting Rating: Accidents and injuries are tremendously not unusual in manufacturing centers. Tasks may be very repetitive, including to the pressure stage of workers. Jobs are predicted to say no by 14% from 2016 thru 2026 due to improved automation and outsourcing of manufacturing to countries with decrease hard work charges and environmental standards. Median pay is low at $15.78 in line with hour.

About the JobAssembly Worker Job Description  

Bank Teller

Bank tellers help purchasers with deposits and withdrawals, coins exams, reconcile balances and talk records approximately charges, regulations and bank services.

Factors Impacting Rating: Bank teller jobs are projected to decline via 8% from 2016 through 2026 because of the boom in cellular and on line banking and the use of ATMs. Wages are low, averaging approximately $14.sixteen in step with hour and plenty of jobs are element-time without blessings.

About the JobBank Teller Job Description

Coal Miner

Coal miners extract coal from underground mines or participate in strip mining activities. They dig tunnels, operate equipment, delivery coal out of the mines, and stable the mines.

Factors Impacting Rating: A shift to cleanser fuels due to climate change and pollution worries has constrained mining industry possibilities. Health and protection risks due to exposure to fumes, mine collapses, and other accidents lessen this occupation's appeal. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, mineworkers are much more likely to be killed or to incur a non-fatal damage or contamination; their injuries are probable to be extra extreme than workers within the personal industry as an entire.

About the JobWhat to Know About Mining Jobs

Farm Worker

Farmworkers cultivate and fertilize fields, plant and harvest crops, and perform farm machinery. They deliver harvested vegetation to garage areas.

Factors Impacting Rating: Many farm jobs are seasonal and bring restrained benefits and coffee pay ($11.eighty four per hour). Consolidation of farms into big, automatic operations has restrained opportunities and not using a projected increase in jobs from 2016-2026. Long hours in regularly unpleasant weather conditions are terrible elements for farmworkers.

About the JobFarm Worker Job Description   

Fast Food and Short Order Cook

Fast food and short-order chefs prepare meals for purchasers of speedy-food establishments, diners, and other non-top rate eateries.

Factors Impacting Rating: Cooks often work long hours and feature common night and weekend shifts. Kitchens can be overheated; burns, cuts, and minor accidents are common. Wages are low, averaging $10.74 in step with hour for fast-meals cooks and activity boom is expected to be only 6% from 2016-2026.

About the JobFast Food Worker Job Description

Fishing Worker

Fishing workers put together and maintain poles, nets, and other fishing equipment. They trap, extract, and save fish. Fishers sell off their trap upon go back to the docks.

Factors Impacting Rating: Fishers enjoy one of the highest prices of fatalities amongst all lessons of employees. They continue to be at sea, away from cherished ones for prolonged durations, and withstand unfavorable climate and sea conditions. Depleted elements of fish in many waters add an element of uncertainty concerning the success of expeditions. Low pay, averaging $25,380 in keeping with yr for fishing and searching people as a collection, does little to offset the threat factors related to this line of work.

About the JobCommercial Fisherman Job Description


Logging workers cut down trees, perform equipment to transport logs, reduce logs into favored lengths, and hold device.

Factors Impacting Rating: Logging jobs are predicted to lower by way of 13% from 2016 thru 2026 due to worldwide competition, lands special for conservation and depleted forest lands. Accidents and process-associated accidents are consistent threats to employee health and safety. Loggers often paintings in remoted places and damaging climate conditions.

About the Job: Logger Job Description

Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists convert recordings of affected person interactions with the aid of physicians and other healthcare specialists to written documents. They interpret clinical terms and abbreviations.

Factors Impacting Rating: Opportunities are expected to say no via three% from 2016 via 2026 due to productivity gains and elevated direct recording of case notes by physicians. Salaries are tremendously low, averaging $16.72 consistent with hour.

About the Job: Medical Transcriptionist Job Description

Newspaper Reporter

Newspaper journalists research and write testimonies approximately nearby, regional, and country wide occasions. 

Factors Impacting Rating: Print media possibilities are predicted to say no by means of 10% from 2016 thru 2026 due to a shift to on line media. Salaries are fairly low, averaging $35,860 in keeping with 12 months. Deadline strain and depleted staffing upload to task strain. Opportunities regularly require relocation to regions that might not be attractive to candidates.

 About the JobNewspaper Reporter Job Description

Postal Service Worker

Postal workers type and supply mail and help put up workplace buyers with their mailing desires.

Factors Impacting Rating: Automated bill pay and the growth in email have reduced opportunities to paintings with the postal service. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a thirteen% decline in jobs from 2016 to 2026. Delivery people must cope with detrimental weather situations, accelerated territories, and close tracking of productiveness.  

About the JobPost Office Jobs

Retail Sales Associate

Retail sales friends inventory and display products, endorse clients, sell merchandise, and method transactions.

Factors Impacting Rating: Retail personnel are regularly asked to work evenings, weekends and holidays. Many positions are part-time and do not bring benefits. Pay is low, averaging $eleven.70 in step with hour. Job increase is expected to be decrease than common from 2016-2026, at best 2%. The upward push in online shopping has decreased the wide variety of jobs available at a few shops.

About the JobRetail Sales Associate Job Description

Taxi Driver

Taxi drivers shipping customers to airports and different destinations. They acquire fares and conduct conversations with passengers.

Factors Impacting Rating: Taxi drivers must cope with visitors pressure and are confronted with the potential chance of accidents. The emergence of driving services like Uber and Lyft has made it greater hard for full-time taxi drivers to earn an excellent living. Pay averaged simplest $26,780 in step with year in May 2018. 

About the JobTaxi Driver Job Description

Projected increase and occupational information provided with the aid of the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook.