How to Write a Telecommuting Proposal

How to persuade your enterprise to permit your telecommute


Want to work from home?

You won't have to discover a new process to make it paintings. Millions of personnel work at home as a minimum for half of a conventional workweek. If your organization would not already provide telecommuting or bendy scheduling, you can gift a compelling case to make it an choice with a telecommuting suggestion.

A properly-researched inspiration can persuade your manager that telecommuting is a beneficial arrangement for each you and your corporation. It additionally demonstrates your ability to paintings independently and create a quality product — capabilities which might be essential for a remote worker. 

Elements of a Telecommuting Proposal

Introduce the notion with a brief cowl letter, in particular if it'll be disbursed to a couple of people. The proposal itself must be modeled on a enterprise notion. Think of your organisation as a consumer you are trying to persuade, and use your inspiration to sell your concept of telecommuting.


Explain what you want and why it is right for the organisation. If you are providing a tribulation or part-time telecommuting arrangement, kingdom that as properly. You could have room to increase on your points in later sections, so your intro have to be a quick precis.


State any favorable background statistics, which includes your qualifications, tremendous performance reviews, or years on the task. This is a good place to include statistics about the enterprise’s present telecommuting or bendy paintings regulations.

How Telecommuting Would Work

Explain the info of how this association would work. This will in all likelihood be an information-dense phase of the idea so you may additionally need to divide it up with bullet points or phase headings. Not handiest will this make the concept simpler to read, but it's going to additionally allow you to highlight records this is maximum essential to your argument.

  1. Responsibilities – What are your job's each day, weekly and monthly obligations, and how can every of them be achieved from home? If you're offering component-time telecommuting, specify which responsibilities could be executed at home and which within the workplace.
  2. Hours – Will you be operating specific hours from domestic that you did within the office? What will they be? Even in case your hours could be the same, put them in writing as a shield against the expectancy that you'll be to be had at any and all hours. If your hours are going to be special from the rest of your crew, contact on how you'll be to be had throughout the standard workday.
  3. Technology – What technology will you want to make this association work? If you have got a work pc, pill, or phone already, specify that you may preserve to apply the ones. If you plan to apply your own home computer, define what software program or adjustments will be wished for you to finish your process duties. Are you able to log into your company’s community from home now? If now not, define what you may want to make that choice available.
  4. Cost/Logistics – What can be the value of recent era, and who pays for it? Are there low-value or loose alternatives for software and conversation that you can plan to use? Be sure to say if there are services that your employer already can pay for that you can preserve to use from domestic. This should additionally be the segment in which you describe what your work set up (such as a home office) will be whilst you telecommute. If you'll continue to come back into the office component-time, define a plan for wherein you'll paintings and whether you'll proportion that space with other personnel.
  5. Communication – Outline a plan for speaking along with your coworkers, clients, and supervisor. Will you be to be had by telephone, e mail, or text? Will you use challenge management software program or chat software program, such as Slack? In addition to developing with a plan for daily verbal exchange, don't forget featuring a normal phone or teleconference assembly with your boss and another teammates. You’ll also want to observe any events that could require face-to-face communications.
  6. Accountability – Propose a plan for reviewing your telecommuting scenario, such as a meeting with your supervisor each three to six months. This will allow you both to evaluate how the association is operating, request adjustments, or make suggestions for the way to communicate greater successfully. Whether you put this in your inspiration or speak it in person, you should ensure that both you and your manager have clean expectations for what a hit telecommunicating seems like and what would set off a need to re-examine the arrangement.


This isn't always the time to speak approximately how telecommuting will benefit you in my view; alternatively, make the case for a way telecommuting will benefit your corporation. How can telecommuting help you do your job higher? Will it keep the organization cash? Improve performance? Make it easier to in shape your hours to clients who stay in specific time zones? Use income tactics to show how the capabilities of far flung paintings create tangible advantages.

Potential Problems and Solutions

If there are apparent challenges created by way of telecommuting, in particular in the event that they have already been brought up with the aid of your manager, cope with them and encompass how you may remedy them. Otherwise, go away problems out of the written idea. Instead, jot down a list of potential demanding situations and the way they may be addressed. When you talk approximately telecommuting together with your boss, you'll be ready to endorse a technique to any objection raised.


If you have young children at domestic, it's better to anticipate that your childcare arrangements will stay the same and depart your children out of your thought. However, in case your organization already has expressed concern about telecommuting overlapping with family duties, you could need to define your childcare preparations to reassure them that they might not be paying you to do things right now.

Next Steps

Giving your manager a clear next step to take after they overview your idea. This will hold your suggestion transferring ahead and get rid of months of waiting for a reaction. Suggest a time for an in-character discussion to reply any questions about your thought. Thank your company for considering your request, and allow them to recognize while you will be in contact to comply with up.

How to Turn Your Current Job Into a Telecommuting Job

Not all organizations, or jobs, might be well matched with telecommuting. But as the alternatives for far flung paintings and distance collaboration increase, greater employers are considering telecommuting as a everyday part of employee scheduling.

If you need to turn your present day activity into a telecommuting role, begin by means of putting collectively a telecommuting concept. Even if the dialogue ends up being extra informal, a suggestion will assist you organize your thoughts and make the strongest case feasible to your new association.